Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week of March 13 - 19, 2017


I went to the Phoenix Temple on Wednesday morning to do some Initiatory Work. Dad went in the evening for his regular Wednesday evening session. The temple seemed very busy this week, especially in the baptistry area. When I was coming out, there were two young women going in the baptistry door and the parking lot was full of temple patrons, many of them youth, on Wednesday evening.

My cub scouts went well and we are enjoying the larger group of boys.

Dad had the duty of locking the church building this week. We went down every evening, near to 9 pm as we could since the fob for the doors (electronic unlock) doesn't work after 9 pm, but often the building was still in use. We checked every door and window, locked all we could, and asked those there to turn off lights and lock up after they were done.

Dad taught his regular lesson in High Priest quorum on Sunday. It was a lesson on prayer.

I substituted for the Sacrament Chorister, and then substituted in the nursery for two hours. Lots of people left town for Spring Break this next week.

I am in Alma 44 in the Book of Mormon.

I have indexed 8382 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Josh had 2 awesome soccer games on Saturday! He scored at least one goal in each game...and even kicked without a shoe!

I was able to FaceTime on Saturday and Sunday with the kids!!! I am so thankful because I was missing these kids SO much and I just felt so far away. This was one of those great blessings that come without your even asking. The Lord heard the prayers of my heart and now I can talk to all 10 (well, 9 ) grandkids and SEE them!!!

Adam is doing well. He had a health problem but has a final diagnosis and, though the situation is chronic, he knows what it is and what to avoid. He is preparing to audition on piano for a fine arts high school.

Grace is doing well and showed me her room, her pink walls and her new glasses, which look very beautiful!

Josh read 20 books and Mom and Dad gave him a pair of roller blades he had wanted for a long time for accomplishing this feat! He loves soccer, but when he can't kick a ball, he is off on wheels.

Sam is as sweet as ever, and I was able to talk with him and soak up those winning smiles after he woke up from his nap. He is such a sweetheart!

Mike was away at a baptism for a co-worker, and Allison is looking beautiful!

Thank you again for the ability to FaceTime!!!

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan's work hours finally eased up, and so Cameo booked a flight home. Kaylee was here on Monday and Thursday, and we enjoyed lots of fun things, and especially talking to Ethan back and forth via messenger. She is still not sure about Daddy playing with her Doc McStuffins stuff, but decided he could, as long as he wouldn't hurt anything.
Monday and Thursday were both in the 90s here, so we stayed indoors a lot, playing outside only after 4 pm

They ate dinner out Thursday with Cameo's long time friend, Jessica
They had lunch at Villa Luna with Michelle Starrett and family Saturday morning

 And Wade came to his first Rice Pizza Night and met more of his family

The Doran Rice Family
It was Spring Break this week, and Amber and Kelsie enjoyed a day of shopping

 Kooper had fun too...

We celebrated Doran's birthday on Saturday at Pizza Night...

The Morgan Rice Family
Christy and I messaged back and forth this week. They have been absolutely swamped, Morgan with work and Christy with the many things she does with her girls and for the family and friends.

Kayty applied and interviewed all week...and finally was hired on Friday. More info to come next week, since she now knows nothing about pay or benefits, and health insurance is a must.  She helped with Kaylee when my visiting teacher was here, and she spent the week getting new drivers license, getting new contact lenses, and keeping her crazy cat entertained. Spaying comes next week for Lily Rae...and not one moment too soon!

She went and saw Beauty and The Beast Friday night and loved it...
And colored her hair from pink to black on Sunday night.

The Nathan Rice Family
We found out on Monday that new baby Rice is...
a girl!!

We are all so very excited!!!

They shared more of their family pic session
School and work kept them very busy. Nate is training his replacement as the Machine Shop TA, so that is taking some time. They were so blessed and prayers were answered so they were able to sublet their apartment and when they move here, they will be staying in Sun City with Jessica's grandfather. He has two big tests this coming week and he is studying for one with someone who had a better teacher for the same class so prayers are being offered in their behalf.

Work for dad included meetings, new directives, corrections to new directives, phone calls, emails, supplier visits, more corrections, training, re training and untraining.

My week was filled with laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing sinks, toilets, shower, hauling trash, cooking, cleaning up after, etc.

Dad's Garden
Many, many peas this week. Plus, with the heat, he pulled up most of the carrots and the turnips are basically coming out of the ground themselves. We are going to put the carrots in bags in the fridge since we lack a root cellar.

Year of the House Part 2
Dad picked up the stone we ordered for the wall pattern in the shower. He also looked at the same stone for a countertop piece.

Other highlights
Wonderful jogs this week. Weather was cool but not too cool.

Dad worked like crazy, especially on Saturday, and finally got all the weeds across this acre of land picked, dug, pulled up, blown and bagged. It nearly killed him!

St. Patrick's Day
I wore green...not Dad, not Kayty!
I cooked corned beef and made cabbage salad.

Dad went swimming this week. Still way too cold for me, but he enjoyed...

The nasty hedgehog cacti we have are not my favorite...51 weeks of the year. However, this is the week I love them...

Pizza Night
We don't have too many pizza nights any more. We have half our pizza makers living out of state and it makes for a lot of work. We did want to have one while Cameo and the kids were here, so Saturday night it was.

Here are some highlights


Not so highlights
 It's been doggone warm this week! Our house is feeling hot now and I refuse to turn on the a/c in March. It's just a bother, not a crisis. When I see what people in the rest of the country have to deal with when it snows, a little heat is not a big deal: a/c in car, in stores, in church...just moments of heat is all we need endure. 

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