Saturday, October 14, 2017

Week of October 8 - 14, 2017


Dad had a good Sunday at church and also had a very good...and very long...home teaching visit with the Bartons. We were going to attend the Saturday night session of Stake Conference, but Morgan needed help with tools to take out a starter and then a ride to exchange it and put it back in. We were glad to help Christy and him so he wouldn't miss work on Monday.

We attended a session at the Phoenix Temple on Tuesday evening. Abbie Belliston received her endowment and many ward members were in attendance for this special day.

I wrote letters to Jessie and to my visiting teaching sister, Tracey.

I have indexed 30113 records so far this year.

I am in Ether 6 in my Book of Mormon Reading.


The Wilkins Family
Big changes are happening at the Wilkins house. Grace and Josh's school had gone through some dramatic changes at the end of last year and over the summer. This resulted in most children and teachers relocating, and a whole new group of students and teachers in their place. Allison had placed the kids on a waiting list last May at a new charter school (with the same group Kelsie attends in Phoenix). They found out late last week that the kids were accepted, and so they will begin at a new school on Monday. It sound exciting and Grace has already decided she wants to learn to play the flute. Exciting times for this family!

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan and family continued their campout on Sunday, though rain got in the way of some activities. They still had a wonderful time!!

Kaylee, Ethan and Wade called and chatted on Thursday and we had a good visit.

Wade got his first professional haircut on Saturday.

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on the Wednesday the 11th. They had a good week, though Amber took a tumble on Friday and ended up with a concussion. Doran and Kooper joined Morgan and Papa on a fishing trip to Bartlett Lake on Friday and Saturday.

Morgan and Christy are doing well and had a very good work week, though the starter in their car is acting up. Morgan had a good night fishing and canoeing.

Christy's car starter died and Morgan got it replaced on Saturday night...still under warranty.

Kayty had a very busy work week, and took two nights to bleach and then dye her hair pink. On Saturday, I took her downtown at noon for her highly anticipated Harry Styles Concert that evening.
We picked her up late Saturday, so I will include her information in next week's entry.

The Nathan Rice Family
We had a lovely Sunday! It began early. I looked out the window... and it was snowing! Huge soft flakes falling down. (yes, it did snow once in Phoenix when I was pregnant with Kayty, but it didn't nearly resemble what this looked like.)

Snow did melt, and I attended their married student ward meetings. The testimonies born in their Sacrament meeting were so strong. The messages in both Sunday School and Relief Society were wonderful. I was also able to sit in as they both were set apart as building coordinators. Nathan was especially excited about the prospect of running the snow blower! They have a good bishop and I am so thankful they are in the ward they are in!

We ate a quick dinner and we drove so Nathan and Jessica could show me just why they love Idaho.

I saw Fall leaves, the Snake river, Nate's fishing spots, a ski resort, lots of cattle, one ton bales of hay, farms with acres and acres of land, field corn, and just beautiful scenery! 
Sunday is their treat day, so Anna and Daddy made Ghiardelli Brownies (which ended up keeping the three of them awake for hours. No chocolate chocolate chip brownies late on a Sunday night anymore.)

On Monday, after Nathan finished classes, we went apple picking at an on campus orchard used for studies. 

 Later that night, they juiced half the apples they picked.

Tuesday, I got a few more snuggles in with Ellie, a few more games, stickers, and shows with Annalee,

after Nate was finished with classes, they took me to the airport. It was just like it used to be when I left Vegas...and Atlanta...Lots of tears by Grammy. BUT so thankful to Dad for taking such good care of Kayty so I could go. He did awesome, and it is not an easy task! Jessica had her last doctor appointment and is doing well. Nathan finished his school week with good grades on a test and prepared to try and get a deer on Saturday. He called later...he looked and waited...returned to his vehicle to find fresh deer droppings right by it. There are still people camping in the area, and dad says that deer stay at least a mile away from people.

Dad's Garden
Garden is surviving the extended warm spell. It is not surviving the quail, however. He is now on the second planting of carrot seedlings. Snow peas are well. Lettuce is struggling a bit. We will have temps in the upper 90s for most of next week. It is unusually warm since I don't run the air conditioning this far into October.

Year of the House Part 2
Dad has the seat ready to pour, after making many adjustments for tile thickness etc.

Other highlights
Dad substitute taught at Valley Academy on Thursday and Friday. He was a P.E. coach.

My car achieved a milestone on Friday...150,000 miles!

Not so highlights
I messed up my poor little toe again. Ran my foot into a wooden box. I don't know why I forget to wear shoes! It would save me so much heartache! Well, no running till the bruising and pain are gone. 

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