Sunday, December 10, 2017

Week of December 3 - 9, 2017


We had a wonderful Fast and Testimony Meeting on Sunday. Almost all of my cubs stood and bore the strongest testimonies. They are good young men raised by good parents...and I will need to remember that when they cannot sit in a circle on the floor.

Our temple is having its two week maintenance shut down so no temple this week.
Dad had a good scout presidency/planning meeting. They had a campout on Friday and he attended. It was very disorganized and last minute. Not sure if that is just how they work though.

My cub scouts were just as talkative and crazy, but the hero interview reports they shared were amazing. Their heroes: a few grandfathers, one father, one uncle, one brother, and Spider-Man (this boy has a crazy home life with divorced parents that make it crazy, so I totally understood the Spider man thing.) They surprise me over and over...if they would only sit in their chairs instead of under them, beside them, laying behind them...

I am in Alma 5 in my Book of Mormon reading.

I have indexed 35519 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Wilkins Family had a good week.

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan and Cameo got up early Sunday morning, packed and weighed suitcases, shifted and weighed again, and were off to the airport for their flight home.

When you have been gone for awhile, the first grocery shop is always heavy...
And they were surprised with Snow on Friday!!!

They woke up Saturday morning to this...

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber and family are good. They are struggling with a very sick pup and that has taken a lot of extra time.

No news from Morgan this week.

Kayty had a good work week. She awoke early Saturday morning to be at a volunteer Princess event: The Bibbity Bobbity Brunch in Apache Junction before going to work. It is a volunteer group that attends events dressed as characters that have been pre approved. (She is approved for Belle, Snow White, and maybe a pink Power Ranger).

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica had busy weeks apart...till Thursday, and then they had a busy week together. Jessica came by and I got to play with Anna and Ellie on Tuesday.

I went with Jessica and played with Anna on Wednesday.

They stopped by on their way to the airport Thursday morning. Anna got one more time on the swings. They had a good flight home and now are in frosty Rexburg in each others warm arms. Nathan has finals next week and then a break.

Dad's Garden
We are harvesting lettuce almost daily and I even put some chard in one of his salads. His super hot peppers are producing...and they are very hot! He is picking up key limes but they are on the small side. We finally have had some cool nights this week and our citrus is turning more orange.

Year of the House Part 2
Dad started on the new towel cabinet in the bathroom on Friday.

Other highlights
Lots of beautiful Christmas lights to enjoy while I walk early in the morning...and even more when I took a walk on Friday night. 

Working on my new theme for my family doings next year has started. I fasted and prayed and slowly, line upon line, things are coming to me. I saw a family that the grandmother had a theme that she and her husband prayerfully selected for their family for the year, and they have done many things to support that theme. Their family is all nearby them, but mine is not, but I hope that the things I am thinking about will keep us all unified across the miles.

Not so highlights
Nano's shopping day this week was not so good. The house alarm was going off when I got there. It took me calling Scott, talking to the police who arrived, calling the Alarm company twice and finally writing to cancel the service. She was pretty upset after that but we did get her bloodwork done, her groceries purchased, and I got some pretty paper flowers put on her Christmas tree for our Mexican Christmas theme. The theme kind of lost its fun. 

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