Saturday, January 20, 2018

Week of January 14 - 20, 2018


We had a good morning at Church on Sunday. Talks in Sacrament Meeting including a new couple who moved from California into our ward. They have two sons; one married and one on a mission so we have another missionary serving now. They said they came over the hill, saw the temple, and knew they had to be here. They are the new nursery leaders and she is a cello teacher. I subbed for my friend, Jody, in Primary...the class with my cubs in it. I will sub for the other teacher next week. After church, Dad had deacon's quorum presidency meeting and we hurried home so I could get to my cub scout committee meeting. Looks like Second Sunday will be a two car Sunday from now on. Meeting was informative, and I got home, stayed for a bit, and then headed out to choir and dad headed out to home teach one family. Evening was full of fun Marco Polo and FaceTime visits with Las Vegas and Rexburg.

We both sat on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 9:00 am and watched as our new prophet, Russell M. Nelson, his counselors, Dallin H. Oaks and Henry B. Eyring were introduced to the church membership. They told of the meeting held with all these men in the Salt Lake Temple on Sunday (January 14th...Nathan's 25th birthday) Morning. President Nelson was ordained at the hand of Dallin H. Oaks and the other apostles. Then, he was inspired as to the two counselors he should select and they were set apart. Then, Dallin H. Oaks was set apart as the President of the Quorum of the Twelve, and M. Russell Ballard set apart as Acting President. I had witness as I sat there that Russell M. Nelson is a true prophet. It was as Heavenly Father has set forth always to be done. Joanna, my visiting teacher, came by to visit before the broadcast (Emily is my other visiting teacher but she was hospitalized over the weekend with a problem pregnancy and ended up losing their baby.) After the church broadcast, but before the Media Broadcast, I went to the temple for a session. It was wonderful. Dad attended a Saturday evening session.

Scouts was a challenge this week. My co leader, Sister Day, was ill, so Dad came to assist. When I finally got inside the church building, someone else from another ward was in my reserved assigned room. I ended up crammed into the next room with two adults, six boys and barely room to open the door. I couldn't be set up before the boys arrived and that gave the boys more distractions. I ended up accomplishing what I planned but it was such a mess. Our primary president continues to work to get rooms reserved and others to recognize that. Dad's boy scouts played laser tag in one of the leaders back yard.

I have indexed 2350 records so far this year. I have reviewed some too. I am not sure how this web indexing works but so far I have been faring ok.

I am in Helaman 7 in my Book of Mormon reading.


The Wilkins Family
Monday was a no school day. Grace woke up and was talking with me via Marco Polo. Her first project was to make a treat: Cheerios Breakfast Bars. I bet they were yummy. They had a busy week, and were excited to get pizza for dinner on Friday. Saturday was spent de junking and working on Grace's bedroom. Still painting and it's looking great. I saw the kids do some great trampoline tricks on Marco Polo, and Sam was over the moon excited at the birthday card and money he received from Great Granny Dorrie in the mail. Money went right into his wallet and into his purse that Grace found for him.

The Ethan Rice Family
This week brought snow, sledding, and snowmen to our Georgia family. They were even colder than Rexburg Idaho at times. Two snow days made for wonderful fun!

And the next day, they had some fun with friends...

The Doran Rice Family
This family struggled this week with illness. Mom getting better, but kids got sick. They are just hanging in there.

No news from Morgan this week.

Kayty had a pretty good week at work. She is applying for jobs since her job will be ending soon. 

The Nathan Rice Family
Happy Birthday, Nathan on Sunday. There was a yummy dinner and birthday pie to celebrate. Nathan and Jessica spent their day off school Monday catching up on tons of homework. Annalee helped cook on Tuesday...made the spaghetti sauce and stirred it on the stove. Nathan is very busy working on projects to improve a school business with a team as well as improve storage and efficiencies around their house. 

Dad's Garden
Snow peas are doing very well, and tomato plants are growing. Citrus this year has been a bit disappointing. We just never got really cold so nothing is very sweet. We do get may eggs from the hens every week. 

Year of the House Part 2
We have a level line and found good tile that dad is cutting. We just run out of time with working hours and our church callings.

Other highlights
Still two houses with Christmas lights up on Monday walk...and one tree lit in another that I could see. Gonna miss them when they get taken down. 

Nano Shop Thursday included WalMart, a blood test at a lab, picking up a prescription, and getting cash at the automated teller to pay the cleaning lady. 

Not so highlights
Sad for illness in the family. 

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