Thursday, June 16, 2011

She Never Ceases To Amaze Me

I sit in awe of my daughter, Allison. She is beautiful, smart (graduated from college nearly right after her second baby was born), organized, diligent, a dedicated and loving mother...and nearly impossible to keep up with (I KNOW. I cared for grandbaby one and two when number three was born. She left me a list, just to help me keep some sort of routine...not nearly even the one she keeps. At the end of the day, I would literally collapse in "couch" till my alarm awakened me the next morning.) She is the "organized" that I love, plus the "creative" that I envy in my sister.

Case in Point: my grandson's eighth birthday party. Adam wanted a "friend" party...You got it...boys! Nate reminded me that THEY never had parties. Part of the reason was...What would you guys do? We had a barren backyard at the time. Girls like manicures and playing Barbies. Boys...what could they do? Well, Allison took all the creativity I never had and created a fun party and held it IN an 800 square foot apartment. And, she did it on a shoestring budget, using things she had, uploads to the copy store, fruit skewers, veggies and dip, red velvet cupcakes with custom decorations. She had games. She had worlds. She had a princess... Suffice it to say...It. Was. Awesome! The boys had a BLAST...for over TWO hours. No one was hurt. The apartment was totally put back into perfect condition in 20 minutes. She kept them rapt in fun from beginning to end.

Super mom. Yes. She loves my precious grandbabies. Yes. Worry about her...yes, all of the time. After all, yep...I was her mom. Worry about them...NEVER. She's got in ALL organized and under control, with a list of fun...and a cherry on top.

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