Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Angel Blessings

Our Heavenly Father loves us so very much, and, while challenges come into our lives, either as a result of our choices and their consequences, or for our personal growth, He also sends special angels, brimming with blessings, to help us...get through.

Last week, those angels were there. We celebrated our grandson's choice to be baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Usually, children are baptized in their home ward, but, since both sets of grandparents, most of the aunts and uncles, all of the great grandmas, etc. lived in Phoenix, it was arranged and we were blessed to have the baptism come to us.

We celebrated afterwards: lots of swimming, lots of heat!, lots of smiles, lots of pizzas, lots of cousins, and, above all, lots of love!

I felt so blessed to see ALL the wonderful people, I refer to them as Adam's Army, who love and teach, who set the example, for my sweet grandchildren. My son in laws family is awesome. My family is awesome.

This little the most wonderful hugs. Yesterday, I NEEDED two: with two coughs...each! So missing her! (Explanation: when Gracie hugs, she hugs tight enough that you KNOW you have been hugged. A successful hug, in her world, elicits a cough...signaling the total breath squeezed out of you. I tell you, it. is. awesome.)

Grammy has an awesome food room (pantry) and set up a special spot for Joshy to go and get treats, aka fruit snacks, ritz crackers, etc.

This demonstrates how MUCH I love my granddaughter...she is escaping with my dark chocolate chip supply. Grandbabies can have ANYTHING at Grammy's...but, my kids: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!
So missed this little boy: he's gonna be some awesome ball player someday! We now have a food room connection...I think he likes that!

So very well pleased with this guy! Love playing games with him. And just watching him. He is a learning sponge.

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The Willeyes said...

You have such cute grandbabies :)