Friday, June 3, 2011

Prep Pics

I promise this is the last graduation post, but it, in essence, a final tribute. I have been able to go to Nate's school website,, and glean pics off, free, for years. That is why I finally stopped taking my camera to football games and track meets. Eve, the sainted photographer, always captured the best shots, with her awesome camera and her great skills. I could look and find artwork Nate had displayed in the art fair, intramural basketball games that Nate had played in, homecoming week activities, Senior trips...and graduation was no exception. I was always so sad...for Allison, Ethan, and Doran's graduations, we were expressly FORBIDDEN to move from our chairs to take pics...and I could NEVER afford the professional ones of receiving their diplomas...a sad point for me! I forked out bucks for Kayty's. At Nate's, pics were encouraged, and Doran was superb! I checke out the website, and found even more!!! Thank you Eve...and North Pointe Prep!!! I heart you and am so thankful I was blessed to find you!

"Chess Is Harder Than Football" Skit

Number 72 and his final high school tackle.

Nate's friends (group 5)...he is 2nd from left. The yellow stoles are for National Honor Society. The single yellow rope is for 3.6 to 3.99 GPA, the double gold ropes are for 4.0 GPA. Not too bad for a bunch of football players!

This picture (cropped version) ended up as one of the 5 header photos on PrepTV!

I LOVE YOU, EVE...Thanks for the group pic. It was SO hard to have a clear space and get all of us together! We have Cameo, Jessica, Nate, Morgan, Grandma, Nano, Danyel, Mom, Dad, Kayty and Doran.

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