Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduation Part 2: See, I told you so!

Doran brought his pics over last night...They were, of course, absolutely awesome. I may not be right about a lot of things, but about this boy and photography...Never!


Tackling a member of the chess team who mistakenly stated, on video, that playing chess was harder than playing 110 degree weather...with layers of pads and clothing...after practicing for hours and hours every night...after weight lifting and conditioning in class every day...all summer, all fall... (They made sure to protect this individual at the bottom of the pile-up! He got to wear a helmet)

Nate's group entering the stage.

Nate and friends after the processional.

Nate and friends watching the group video of themselves.

Going up to receive his diploma. Yep, those are shorts you team practice shorts. There was no time after the skit to change...

Receiving his diploma from Jody Johnson, superintendent...the brilliant lady who created North Pointe!


Kayty and Jessica...surely up to no good! They spent the ceremony "feeding" the graduates and guests via gummy bears and chocolate covered peanuts in a slingshot!


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