Sunday, May 15, 2011

Father/Son Campout

Once a year, a Father/Son Outing is held. The men at church, and their boys, from babies to adults, gather to camp, to share a breakfast, (and to show off their cool toys! bad) Anyway, Nate was just out of qualifying for the state track meet, so it was decided any Rice boy available was invited. Now, poor Ethan had to miss out...he works nights...but Doran, Morgan, and Nate went. While our ward at church went to Cowtown Lake, however, they decided to leave the fun games of sack racing and searching for dimes in piles of sawdust to the younger kids in the ward, and they went to the closer Woods Canyon Lake for fishing.
Doran, Morgan (trying to "bunny ear" his brother, Nathan, and Dad
Doran's awesome snore chamber.
Dad caught the first trout.
Not quite sure what Doran is doing with this fish. I KNOW he did not take a bite of it or anything. SO NOT DORAN!
Nathan said this was a 13 pounder. Now, I am certainly NO expert on fish, but I would assume that he may possibly be exaggerating, just a bit. But, then again, in fishing, there is no exaggeration! (Fishing Rule #17)

The weather was nice and cool. The fishing was great. The accomodations (camp site) was perfect, and the only complaint I heard was about a certain person's snoring and how they feel so very, very sorry for his wife and how she must really love him to put up with that! (Sorry, I won't reveal WHO we are talking about... but Dad slept in the soundproof jeep, so you make a guess!)

On the way back, they stopped at Tonto Creek.

Doran tried fly fishing.

Morgan caught this one. We even have movies of them catching fish, bare handed.

They stopped and toured the fish hatchery, and even fed the fish.

Next time, we will plan more ahead. Ethan might be able to come. They might remember to bring plates instead of dumping the chuck steaks they had grilled on a large griddle and eating "manly men" style. (Still kinda surprised Doran would eat that way. He is such a sanitary kinda guy. Must have been REALLY hungry!

Can't wait to taste the spoils of the trip tonight!

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The Willeyes said...

That is so awesome :) You have some handsome boys in that family!