Sunday, May 22, 2011

Congrats to Jessica!

Graduation season is here! And Nate and I were able to attend the commencement ceremonies for Sunrise Mountain High School...and our sweet Jessica Hudson!

Here are the pics:

I was going for the "Sunrise Mountain High School" sign, not the chick obviously making kissy face to someone near me!

This was my first time in Cardinal's Stadium. I helped pay for it, tax-wise, but cannot afford a ticket (plus, games on Sunday!) so I was getting the whole experience, pic-wise.

Jessica's row stands to go up on the stand.

This is as they announce her name...she is on the stand in front of the line of graduates. Yes, Nathan scolded me for bringing the "wrong" lens. Photo snob!

Jessica on the jumbo-tron (though it wasn't that jumbo! I took this one behind us)

Jessica's Family: her aunt, her dad, Jess taking a moment to smell the roses, her mom, and her brother!

Congrats, Jessica!!!

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