Friday, May 27, 2011

North Pointe Preparatory Commencement 26 May 2011

I just wanted to quickly post a few pics that I took during Nate's graduation. I will do a better post when I get my son, Doran --- the super photographer's, pictures, since I know they are far better than mine. Last night was absolutely awesome...a perfect ceremony.

The graduation was held at the Glendale Renaissance Resort, just north of the Phoenix Cardinals' Stadium

Entering is Kayty, Grandm Dorrie, Dad, and Jessica.

The graduation began with a skit, highlighting their four years at North Pointe. They had video and pictures playing after each scene. This scene is depicting their freshman year (Freshman=green) Nate helped rebuild their winning freshman homecoming float (green mint candy in background) and Nate is the football player being taped on the table right of center. Nano remarked that they just had so many things to do at the school, and she was right! It was hard NOT to be involved in SOMETHING at the Prep!

After the play, the graduates entered in groups on the stage (these groups were selected by the kids...6 to 8. So, you don't graduate next to someone whose letter is next to yours in the alphabet. You graduate with your friends). Nate's group was football player friends. These guys: Zach Kurth, Bryce Harris, Cris San Martin, Nate Pena-Rivas, Zach Bustoz, Nathan Martin, and Shea Hamrick) were the nicest group of guys. I NEVER had to EVER worry about Nate when he was with him. Though Nate was the only active Mormon Senior, these guys were great kids, with good Christian families and great standards! I felt so very blessed Nathan found them. After entering on the stage, they circled around back and "walked" in to a very modernized Pomp and Circumstance, with their friends.

As each group of friends went on the stage to receive their diploma, this video interview of the group was played. These guys talked about football and basketball. Nate's contribution..."Oh, crap" when Bryce asked a different question than he planned on.

Each graduate was able to create a 15 second video of their years in school. This is part of Nate's (#72), and he had "The Boys Of Fall" playing on it. I didn't see all of it (crying, trying to take pics, etc.)

Nate watched his video and waited for the superintendent, the one who created this school, Jody L. Johnson, to present him with his diploma.

Room was won't take pics with things moving, and there were 111 black mortarboards in the air...but just imagine.

Nate Pena and Nate Rice...they both were throwers (shotput and discus) for the school.

Since Nate was in a football uniform for the skit, his shirt, tie, and dress pants remained unworn, though he did manage, in the few moments, to put on his dress socks and shoes.

Nate and Jessica

Nate and Matt Arellano

Nate and Nano

Nate "snuck" the leftover graduate pre-grad snacks for us...Maybe he should work as a waitress until his mission???
The cover said "Not just another graduation... Our North Pointe Finale!" and oh, it truly was. No speeches, no honored guests, just a plain, true celebration of four years of work, of success, of learning, of friendships, of trips, of games, of parties, of fun for 111 high school seniors.

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