Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gotta Brag About My Kid

Nate was working on some essays the other night. I teased him that he was writing about how he hates his mother or something, and he surprised me by saying that one of the essays was about how hard and thankless the job of Mom is. Now, I am at a different "mom" stage now. Gone are diapers and trying to reason with a two year old. Those days when you are walking the halls at church instead of sitting in a class make you really wonder if it's all worth it. My kids are grown up now...all adults...and I get to just enjoy as they are an amazing parent, as they travel for business, as they build their own business, as they try a new job skill, as they go away to college. I told Nathan that those things, or just watching my boys laugh together, makes all the tough stuff go away.

Gentleman in brown shirt in background: Mr. Gow, principal.
Gentleman in blue with cap at table in front: Coach Wilson - track coach, et al

Well, last night was one of those nights. Nathan's school is, again, absolutely awesome. For seniors and their families, the put on a catered barbeque. I walked in after getting a full plate of yummy food, to a gym (it's called "The Nest"...north pointe falcons...get it!) decorated with huge purple and black tables, families everywhere, and a stage with trophies, etc. I really didn't figure on what was happening, but I knew Nate had gotten sports awards (going tonight for Track awards) so I thought nothing of the stuff.

Dinner was awesome, and then Mr. Gow, the principal, began to speak, giving the outline of the awards to be given that night. The first was the scholarships. They announced each senior by name and the scholarships they received, alphabetically. Nate, the attention hater, said he didn't turn his in. I was kinda sad, since he did get a few scholarships, though he hadn't decided much about any school. They went past "R" and I just sat there. Then, they announce the four biggest scholarship recipients. I just planned on politely clapping, thinking nothing of what was happening. I noticed Mr. Gow mentioning Southern Virginia University, among others...Hey, that's one of Nate's schools...and then they mentioned my son's name, receiving scholarships over $100,000.

He wrote to Southern Virginia University last night, telling them he needed to work to pay for a church mission, wanting them to help. They are going to hold his scholarship and place open for two years, till the Fall of 2014, and they have a returned missionary scholarship to offer him then. Total...awe!
Sorry about the pics and their poor quality...I was so stunned. The SCHOOL found out, and he got some nice certificates.

Then they gave out the Praestantia Awards, for participating for four years in either Academics, Athletics, Arts, or Activities (The school has 4 A's, and participation in each is equal, none being more prioritized than another. Therefore, a football athlete is equal to a straight A student, is equal to a band drumline member, is equal to someone who volunteers all year in the service activity Prep Cares.) Nate missed Freshman football, we were not clear on how to sign up, so I figured he missed out, but he had been on the Principal's List for four years. So, his was for academics, but the huge framed award had a pic of him in football practice nice to honor what he loves!

That kid also, because of 4 years principals list, got DOUBLE ROPED, PLUS a Falcon Trophy for the honor.
Erin Idszack, former Athletic Director, and current Assistant Principal, award the trophy and ropes.

I sat in absolute awe. Yep...cried too...but didn't let him see... He has behavior "That's my baby" during football games, no cheering after discus or shotput throws, and no crying when he can see.

Last night, I told Dee, like I have at special times in the past, "This is one of those 'put it in your memory' nights. Don't forget this, or how we feel." Those nights come as a result of watching and witnessing your child struggle: to make Assistant Editor of the high school newspaper, to make the little league all star team, to achieve his Eagle Scout award, to have his athletic photography published in the school yearbook and newspaper, to play a difficult piano piece with three other "best of the best" piano students at the school, to walk out on a football field - hand in hand with three of his best friends - as a captain, for the coin toss. Yep, those moments you put in your memory...They help you get through the "not so good" times.

Yep, last night, and all those other nights, make being a mom, nothing but rewards...

Thanks Nate...We are proud!...

That's My Baby!!!

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ackc said...

That is so AWESOME!!!! Congrats to Nate for such a wonderful job well done and to you for raising such good kids!!