Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Early Mothers' Day and Mike's Birthday

First Sunday of May:
I decided to celebrate Mothers' Day with our sweet Moms/Grandma/Nano one week early. Menu was Dee's awesome barbequed chicken, Danyel's superb potato salad, Cameo's awesome pasta salad, my lemon bundt cake, and Nate's spicy apple dump cake.

First: pics...I had NO PICS of Grandma nor Nano with their grandkids. So, here's the first in a line of mamy, since my daughters were not here for this one.

We looked at Dad's yard, garden, and Grammy's Grape will be such a fun tea party place some day...

I used these dishes:

My grandmother, Louise Hart...Tutu, had dishes just like these. Everytime I use them I remember the times, though not many, we ate at her house. She made the BEST cole slaw! And I loved standing in her kitchen doing dishes. My grandpa made it a nice thing...he was so good to talk to. She gave us ice cream filled bon bons and butterscotch candy.

Dinner was great! And afterwards, we called Mike and sang "Happy Birthday" to him! We sure do miss them!!!

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