Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scottsdale Christian Invitational Track Meet

I am a crummy mom...I went to ONE track meet to see Allison throw a shotput. Last year, I went to ONE track meet for Nathan...the last one. Track meets are long....waaaaay long. (Can someone tell me why a guy whose ONLY job is to pull a trigger on a starting gun NEEDS a 60 minute lunch break? Come on... A Kindergarten teacher teaching 30 kids doesn't get that much time!) Lots of waiting is involved. Arizona is sunny...very sunny. Typically, sun + April + Arizona = HOT. Thus, lots of reasons NOT to attend.

However, this year...this is my LAST kid...and I really had NO excuse NOT to go: weather was sunny, but SO NOT HOT! 84 degrees in April NEVER happens!
Cool breeze too. And, there were not gonna be any preliminaries...everyone just goes, i.e. races, jumps, throws...the top 4 furthest, fastest, etc. get awards...and there were way less than 24 schools...I bet there were 8 or 10... So Dee and I ventured down to Bourgade Catholic High School (yet another reason to go...normally, it's an hour drive to Chandler for track meets.)

I was pretty far away, but the "girl in the orange shirt" invited me to come through the gate, across the track and get some closer pics. I thought she was an authority of some sort, so I did just that. Got some pretty good pics (though I hope Eve, North Pointe's awesome photographer, got some even better ones) and was really thankful that this authority had let me in. I turned around and noticed she was taking off her orange shirt, with an Estrella Mountain Track shirt underneath. She was an athlete. Oh, harm. Thank you orange shirt girl!

This kid...I remember how hard Allison worked and trained for her track team experience...I have witnessed him work and exercise and work more. It was awesome to watch.

The thing about being a are not directly competing. You don't really know how far others are more interested in how far YOU throw...Did I beat my PR? is the question I always hear. (PR= Personal Record).

He is now a provisional state qualifier...and has a meet next week to qualify for state.

I was done for the, yes, but the sun was a killer and I was baked! But it was sooo worth it!

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