Sunday, January 8, 2012

January Birthday Celebration

We are continuing our tradition of getting together each month for a quick birthday celebration. Since the first Sunday of the month was New Year's Day, we postponed for a week. Nano couldn't be there, since she had planned a trip to Utah. While there, she saw Becca report after serving a mission in South Carolina, then Becca's engagement ring, dress shopping, etc. as she accepted the proposal of the very handsome and adored-by-Becca Alex, then Haylee's baptism, and Brigham's ordination as a teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood.  Boy, what the Moore family has to do to get Nano away from our quick cake parties!

I don't know what it is about those Rice boys...they LOVE lighting candles.!

Aren't they the handsomest boys ever!

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For those who might be concerned, yes, Nathan is still alive and not in any sort of hospital or rehabilitation facility. 

Cameo LOVES nice soft gummy bears...and I think we have succeeded in "gummy bear - inn" her out this year. 

Anyway, Nate wanted his traditional Mississippi Mud cake, though I used some Christmas marshmallows, making it look like pink and green mud...but it tasted richly awesome. And, for Cam...and Nate, she made her cherry cheesecake, which Nate adores...and since he will miss the next two birthday parties, she -being the marvelous sister that she is - indulged him!

We sang, opened presents, played with Morgan's puppy, and had the usually awesome time!

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