Monday, January 30, 2012

My Hut!

 Last year, after struggling to return all our Christmas decorations back up to the attic, and after the holes in my skull from the newly protruding nails from hail damaged roofing healed...and the bruises and bumps from my head banging into the roof trusses...and my grouchy, irritated mood as a result of such, I walked around my acre and noticed that things were a bit, well, UNFAIR! Our garage was full of HIS stuff (bullet loaders, tool boxes, car transmissions, fishing rods, lathe and mill, duck decoys, bikes, etc.) And the shed in the back yard was full of HIS stuff (bikes, rope, propane tanks, paint, camping awnings, plumbing parts, electrical parts, tile stuff, paint stuff, bolts, garden stuff...etc. ) I had no place! So, I asked for my own "hut"...a place for MY holiday decorations. I didn't want much. I waited. and Waited. It got hot, so I told the guys to wait till it cooled off. After all I wouldn't need to re-store decorations till Oct. 31st. On November 1, I hauled my seven boxes BACK in the head-poking attic. Thanksgiving decor went up...and down, and I hauled it BACK in the forehead-banging attic. I was so discouraged when Christmas decorations needed to be put up. I almost said, "No More!" till Nate climbed up with me and hauled each and every box down, all at once. (I usually do it a box or two at a time. No sense him knowing everything I store to create the magic at holidays that he loves.) Christmas went up, and I worried, cuz Nate will be in Daejeon South Korea next year. and the next. I was going crazy with the stuff up. I gave a date...January 8. I started taking the stuff down. So, they took me seriously, and started.

A foundation was poured...thanks Doran for getting us the cement mixer from Sundrella Casuals. It worked awesome, and, since, again, Nate aka family cement mixer, will be gone, we found a Craigslist replacement...we call it "Nate 2".

Wade, Cameo's Dad and superbly wonderful carpenter extraordinaire, helped figure the building supply list and get the stuff...not a bit of waste, mind you, down to the last board!...and put it up. Dee and Nate worked, Wade worked.

Nate built shelves...still has one set to go if time, but we can do that if he doesn't have time...And last weekend, Wade came over and finished roofing it. I have my own hut...with a lock and my OWN key!

Thanks to the guys for my hut. Love. It.

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The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

I like your hut, but somehow I missed the fact that Nate was going to South Korea. He will LOVE it! Our oldest son, Jared, served there (Pusan mission) and still plans to return someday. We were fortunate enough to be able to meet him there at the end of his mission and spend a couple of weeks. It was a never to be forgotten experience. Know that he will be loved and cared for while he's away. The missionaries are dear to the people there. ~Dana