Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sisters Forever

My sister and I grew up, six years apart in age, and miles apart in personalities. It was only when we became adults that we found joy in each others strengths, and it is great! My daughters, though, didn't have to wait till adulthood to bridge that gap. Allison faced brother, after brother, after brother being born. (We even had to get her a My Little Pony Flutter Pony from newborn Morgan just for her to let him in the door.) When Dr. Matson delivered our nine pound three ounce baby and said, "It's a girl", my first reaction was "Call Allison". She finally had a sister. That new baby, who turned out to be a "colicky, crying-all-the-time, there-is-no-way-we would-have-had-six-kids-if-she-had-been-the-first" kind of baby was immediately welcomed into the vastly mature nine year old's room, and they have NEVER been apart since, though sometimes miles separate them. They read the same, think, the same, love to watch the same...everything. They share so many things: the van back seat when we camped over and over and over, the dislike for beef, the love of Harry Potter (yep, Kayty went to Vegas last year to see a premiere with her sister!) Kayty was Allison's sponge. I told Kayty's kindergarten teacher, when she started school, that this little girl couldn't write her name, but she could paint her nails, put a scrunchy in her hair by herself, and knew the story of almost every Nancy Drew book. Every year, at Christmas Break, Kayty treks to wherever Allison lives, for sister time. They have witnessed Pinecone Drops, endured diabetes diagnosis (yep...Kayty was with her Alli...and she got to vent all her frustrations, worries, cares, etc. to that dear big sister before Mom and Dad got there...I was so thankful she had her sister there!) This year was a bit shorter, due to Kayty's car trouble, but the moments were a joy, just the same. 

I love love love it when they can be together. Though they are independent halves that do very well in their own wonderful lives, the sister whole that they become is amazing and treasured...especially by me!

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