Friday, February 24, 2012

A Choir Concert for Our Self-Proclaimed "Only Child"

With Nate gone, Kayty has gleefully proclaimed herself an "only" child (though she has always behaved has the empress around here) She is now certain  that the "true mess maker" will be revealed. (Now as of the date of actual composition of this post, one month after he left, it is true that he is the toothpaste-on-the-rear-of-the-bathroom-basin spitter - and I am still not sure how he climbed on that counter and spit toothpaste in the sink at the back) Anyway, we just went to her leaving a note for Nate (really kinda sad, since we used to do this....)
Ain't this cute! I saw this right after Grace left Phoenix...I guess she just wanted  us to know where she  is too!
The concert was great; full of music from musicals...and operas! Quite a mix. 

And...yes...between Nate's farewell and Nate's setting apart, she went from blue! (You should have seen how confused our stake president looked!)

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