Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Goodbye for Best Buddies

We spend Monday with the Wilkins before they had to return home.

First, Papa, Adam and Daddy worked on Adam's second pinewood derby car. (It raced on the 21st...and WON! Hooray Adam and Mike!!!!)

We played, we tetherballed, we swang, we built trains, we played dress up, we played ball, we slid down the fireman pole, we ate Klondike Bars (Papa is such an ice cream corrupter of small grandchildren)

All too soon, it was time to go. Goodbye had to be said to Uncle Nate.

First was the traditional toss up. Grace LOVES it when Nate throws her up in the air. So, he did it...three times...I bet she will be a little too big to toss in two years.

Then, a family picture.

We picked Grammy Bag stuff, and loaded up. I was walking toward the front door, and found Joshy standing there, arms folded. Together, we said a prayer, blessing the Focus of theirs to get home safely. Such a sweet angel, and such good parents to teach him about prayer.

Grace, from her seat, as they backed out, yelled, "Best Buddies...forever." Nate heard, and yelled back, "Best Buddies...forever!"

Not a dry eye...then...or now!

They made it safely home. So thankful they made such a sacrifice to come.

So thankful for ALL the sacrifices made to be together!

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