Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farewell, Elder Rice

The day we looked forward to, for over 19 years, and yet didn't anticipate, came. I woke early, did my exercises, got ready, and then woke Elder Rice and the rest of the crew. It was very early (Ethan and Cameo were coming at 5:00 am to go to the airport with us.)

Suitcases were rolled out, and Elder Rice dressed, suit, and his favorite purple striped tie. (It may even have been Jessica's favorite one too!)

He ate his last breakfast: Fruity Cheerios with crushed Trader Joe's Jojo's on it.

We piled in the jeep and headed out. First stop: Jack In The Box for his last Jack Tacos!

Into the airport we all trudged. The lines were huge!! The lady at the ticket counter was sooo nice! She got him to turn around when she saw "mom" taking pictures. Weighing bags was scary, but both were less than 50 pounds, so no more money than the 60 bucks we had already paid to get two years of stuff to Utah and then Korea.

Pictures...Hugs...and he had to go. (That hug he gave hug. ever. Didn't want it to stop!)

Dad WAS there, but had to use the facilities, so he missed picture time. 

This one I took on my phone and sent to Jessica. 

Dad went to meetings at work, so Ethan and Cam sweetly took Kayty and I out to "The Place" for breakfast. Nicest thing to eat some yummy fruit with the nicest kids of mine!

They dropped me at home...Kayty went to work. I was alone. No one told me my nest would just empty all of a sudden. It was bittersweet, truly. I checked the computer for the takeoff, and the landing, like I always do when anyone in my family flies. There safely...

On for two years of the greatest adventure, and greatest service of his life!

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