Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Birthday Celebration

We celebrated April Birthdays on April 1st. No tricks this year. I try to follow my sister and her family. On April Fools, they have dessert first thing in the morning, dinner for breakfast...and breakfast for dinner! So. Fun. AND So. Not. My. People. now grumblegrumblegrumble So, we watched LDS General Conference...which was so uplifting!!! and had a party. This month we celebrate the April 21st birthdays of Dee and James (Jade's boyfriend...though they had other plans and couldn't come)

Traditional Germann Chocolate Bunny Cake for a cute guy born on Easter Sunday, almost 55 years ago.

Yep...Kayty is now a blonde! She says she misses her pink though...

We get homemade from scratch coconut pecan frosting: once for Ethan and once for Dee. The pecans were picked and shelled by a friend of Nano's

"Happy birthday to me!" is what Dee always sings. Notice, one ear is candle-less. I saved that ear, froze it, and sent it up to Nathan, with six forks, at the MTC

We didn't put 55 candles on...and yet he didn't get them all out! Poor guy. No wish come true. 

Getting the Elder's Ear...


All these pics and others I don't post go in scrapbooks. I had them out to see . 2011 was a very busy year: a baptism, a graduation, state track meet, a new university, so....four books!
 And again, the Photo Stylings of Ethan Rice

He got fishing lights, fishing line, a new tie, banana Laffy Taffy, nice cards, great friends. Couldn't be better!

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