Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Honey!

April 21st Dee turned 55...Yes! 55 means we can go to the grocery stores and get the senior citizen discount! (Now, I have been asked...on more than one occasion...if I would like the 55 and over discount...for MYSELF! Now, I realize that I usually come in my exercise clothing for early morning grocery runs...but really!) He is a hard one to buy for ...if he wants it, we buy it. We are old. So, I gave him a day of "whatever you want, whenever you want". He could call the shots. Whatever he wants to do, to eat...we would do it.

Started out great! He wanted trenches to finish the gazebo and garden watering system (though he planned on trenching, I got out there at dawn and did it. Actually wore a hole through my wrist splint.)

I dug the trench from the water pipes on the left up and under the concrete at the top so we could install another faucet. He was at an auto painting class. Then we put in the rock to complete the gazebo area. 

Nate cut this rock awhile ago. Jessica liked it. So, we called it Jessica-ite. 

I hand dug these. 

Even did a nice 45 degree angle. Not too bad for an old lady. 

I mulched all the grapevince. They are SO much bigger now! 

Grammy's Grapevine Gazebo...much nicer than I ever imagined.

We went to yard sales. We gathered rocks for more cementing in the gazebo area. It was going great...until...the phone rang. Kayty, on her way to work...with tire trouble. We went, changed the tire, and sent her on her way, only to notice that she had troubles with not one, but two tires.
This tire. along with being very warn, had picked up a piece of a mud flap.

He drove her limping car home. I drove her and her friend to Scottsdale to work. We then went, took the tires to Discount Tire, had them mounted, replaced them, and drove her car back to her.

Ethan and Cameo did take us to a nice Italian restaurant for his birthday dinner...the food was awesome and so was the company!!!

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