Friday, April 13, 2012

Seeing Red

Ethan and Cameo have an awesome game/video room with a full wall tv screen, a game table...and a wonderful wood floor that Nate helped Ethan put in. Ethan wanted a red wall. He started the red wall with a paint sprayer, and paint (the paint and primer in one kind) that was so thick that it literally backfired on him...twice. He literally looked like the victim of a terrible crime, fortunate to survive and the house looked right out of a CSI episode, with "blood spatter" on walls, on ceiling, and even red fingerprints on the hallway linen cupboard door (yep, Cam was away when he painted).

 He got a coat on of this primer and paint, one coat stuff. One coat? Red? Really... So, while Ethan slept one Friday night (he is SO not his father's son in the sleep department. Dad...a moth blinks and he wakes up. Ethan? I don't think he would awaken if the house fell around him!) Dad and I went over and put another coat..or two on.

 And then, I ran over and helped Ethan with the finishing touches. It was done in time for their party that night.

The next weekend...they painted one wall a light tan, and the wall behind the huge screen - grey. Ethan says he likes tan...and grey. Red...not so sure...

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