Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fathers' Day

Fathers' Day...with six kids, it becomes a weekend. Dee enjoyed lots of visits, and calls.

Doran, Amber and Kelsie came by Saturday...awesome!

Kayty had a perfect gift for him on Sunday.

John Wayne movies and a Jalapeno Griller (He and Elder Rice would spend some evenings watching them ol' John  Wayne flicks. ... Oh, how I miss Elder Rice, cuz now, I am going to have to watch...ugh!)

I made him king for a day: whatever he wanted, he got.
Bowl of Cherries...not exactly Biscuits and Gravy...but I let him sleep late, so we had to get to church.

The Annual Fathers' Day Pie Social for the men was held during the final hour of church. He got a piece of cherry and a piece of apple...Both were superb.

A visit from Ethan and Cameo...though I forgot to take pics of it...dummy me!

Talked to Morgan on the phone.

Talked to Allison and the grandkiddos on the phone...their phone wasn't working so we couldn't skype.

Got a letter mention in the weekly missionary Korea email.

He said it was a perfect weekend....from his absolutely perfect children and grandchildren.

Being a father is a big job, though Dee never ever flinched. We started our family as soon as the Lord chose, and he never stopped. Our home was full of six wonderful children, whom he would not trade for all the money in the world. He has always been cautious with our money...very careful...The kids teasing call him the Power Nazi, because lights must be off when we are not using them. Oh, if they only knew just how little money we had...He worked 40+ hours as a machinist, 15+ hours as a disc jockey, each and every week. He coached t-ball. He watched dance recitals. He scrimped and dealt so we had a flute, a saxophone, a french horn, three clarinets, a trumpet, and a piccolo (that I play). He built fires, put up tents, and took a grumbly group in a blessed 15 passenger van to The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Lake Powell, Salt Lake City, Woods Canyon Lake, Big Sur, Monterrey Bay. He fixed the cars himself. He mowed himself. He repaired himself. He layed a brick patio and repaired a picket fence at Pioneer Arizona for two eagle scout projects, and then he helped put in a watering system at a bird sanctuary and built easels for a charter school for the other two eagle projects. He helped create science projects. He built bunk beds, Barbie houses. He fixed bike tires. He baited hook...after hook...after hook. He cheered when they were chosen a little league all star, when they made the Society of Female scholars, when they kicked a goal, when their poem was published in the district poetry contest, when their artwork went to a show, when they sang in the chorus concert, when photos were published. He went with them when their heads were stitched up, when they were sick with a horrible fever, when they were hit with a fast pitch in the shoulder, when they twisted their ankle. He was the first one to get barfed on when they would come in sick. He taught them to mow, to dig, to change the oil, to repair the brakes, to fish, to pitch, to catch. He cheered them in every sport: football, soccer, track, baseball. He cried when they were hurt, he tried to build them. He was often very, very tired. And, to this day, he looks out for each and every one. He searches yard sales for cast iron ware, for tools, for backpacks, for knife sharpeners. He grows, he builds, he watches...and I walk in every morning as he is on his knees for them: that they will be able to convey all their talents and gifts in their job interview, that they will learn a new language in a new land, that they will be guided in their decisions, that they will have health. Even right now, he is outside, in 112 degree weather, cleaning a transmission, so that in a little less than two years, when the youngest comes home, with some help from his sons, there will be a 1960 Ford truck out in front that is not inooperable, not so dented, and maybe that metallic green he wanted...and I bet that ol' panel truck of his will still be sitting in our driveway, primer green, no engine, and a bit more rusty. He is their dad...not perfect...learning to be a better dad every day. And he loves them, and their spouses, and their children...

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