Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wilkins on the Move May 31, 2012

I am just trying to catch up, so forgive if things are a bit out of order.  Allison and Mike found a lovely home to rent, thanks to a dear person at church who is moving to Utah to become a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...awesome on both accounts. Papa and I were assigned as designated babysitters...awesome as well. I thought we were going to rent a car, but he thought the heap Jeep would make it. Fine. It ended up being a big help, moving a mattress, a washing machine, driving sweeties to school, attending a scout fishing activity. As usual, you either have fun...or take pictures. We had fun!!!

We set out bright an early. Papa was loaded with "road treats" (raw almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, apples, bananas, sunflower seeds, pink and white animal cookies, etc.). The trip was good. Even saw these antelope just eating right by the road in Boulder City, Nevada. 

Adam with the new ball Papa got for him to play four square with in his own backyard!

Joshy in the chair we found for him, eating the rest of Papa's road animal cookie treats. 

Right after a long day in kindergarten
We arrived to a house full of boxes. That sweet family had been up very late the night before unloading the container that they had been allowed to use by Deseret Industries. Originally, there were to be two containers available, but that changed and they had to quickly unload, have it moved to the apartment, re-load, and unload after moving. So, brilliant Allison invented a Jolly Rancher Moving Game that got that container unloaded in a snap.

Papa and I helped get kids to and from school. Papa and Daddy were able to participate in the Kindergarten  Parent Softball Game, and Grammy was invited to hand out drinks at Adam's Third Grade Summer Birthdays Celebration. 
Papa spoiled Joshy with his Very Own French Fries
With moving complete, there was only clean up left. Well, meanwhile, the night we arrived, the Stake President came to issue a church calling to Michael. He would be called ...that serve in the bishopric as the Second Counselor and be ordained to the office of a High Priest. So, after calling his parents, Gary and Kathy Wilkins headed up from Phoenix on Saturday evening. Saturday was also filled with an excellent Primary Activity Day...and Papa and Adam attended the Cub Scout Fishing Trip.

 Since both grandparents were gonna be there, Allison and Mike hurried to complete the old apartment clean up, and Adam and Grace and Grammy went to wash walls and baseboards, repair cabinets, patch walls, etc. Grace and I came home. She just went to watch tv for a minute...and she was gone! Such a great wall washer!

Mike made an awesome tostado dinner. We all played, puzzled, read, bathed, and hit the sack.

Sunday morning went well. Church was awesome. After church, Grandma and Grampa Wilkins headed for Phoenix, and Grammy and Papa followed a few hours later.

Quite a weekend! They are happy and loving life in their beautiful new home with the big oak tree out front. Awesome!

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