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Iksan South Korea June 11, 2012

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So another fun week in 익산.

My translator is awesome. I had to give a talk yesterday and it was
very useful in helping me. The only problem it doesn't translate
sentences. So i still have to think, but its sweet, and the
member we baptized loves technology so its a good common ground to talk
about and be friends. 

So this week was good. Now we have 13 investigators. Sounds cool right. 
This week was weird because they kept cancelling appointments with us. 
One day they all cancelled and we had 3 hours open so we did lots 
of 전더, street contacting. We have goals for every week, as you know. 
One of Taejeon Mission goals is to keep track of how many people you 
talked with. The standard for the mission is 140 a
week. We had 180 last week. 

As were were doing 전더, I talked to this man, and I talked about 
eternal families. He seemed interested and I talked about 
The Restoration and the Book of Mormon. Then, he asked
about baptism, I was like wow ya,  and he said "Do you have sin?" "Well
everyone does," was my reply, "but we repent". He said, "No I have no sin. I
have been born again," and he kept quoting John 3:5 "Except a man be born
of water and ..." So i said, "Baptism by water is baptism and the
other (baptism of the spirit) is receiving the Holy Ghost. He said it wasnt. 
I said that I was out of time, (this whole time my companion was talking 
to someone else...I was on my own. ) and asked if we could meet again later. 
he said ya. We met him yesterday, and he went on and on about Original Sin, 
showing scriptures that totally didn't prove him right at all. We just said, 
"Well, the Bible with the Book of Mormon we can know the truths. That's
why we have both; so we can have 2 witnesses. and we left.  That was

SO ya I had to speak (in church) yesterday. I talked about studying scriptures. 
I didnt know what to talk about at first but I was in personal study and
I read 1 Nephi 15: 24 (from the Book of Mormon)It talked about holding to
the Word of God and you will not fall away and be helped to resist
temptation. And I remembered what Bishop Fuller said, that as long as you
read your scriptures everyday, you won't commit serious sin. So, I felt
like I should talk about that. It was good. I wasn't as nervous to speak
this time, haha my legs were still shaking though. Before church, we
were depressed because we had no investigators there. That's a huge
problem because we have 13, and 4 have baptisimal dates. Well so after
my talk my companion took me out of the chapel and said the professor
called and he's on his way. So, we ran to pick him up. It was great
because the stake partiarch spoke and other people talked about The
Restoration. Awesome. Afterwards,our amazing bishop and patriarch came
and talked to him. He said he felt peaceful there, too, so that's

Also we met with a new investigator and he really wanna learn
English, so we taught for a bit then talked about the Gospel and set a
baptisimal date with him right there yay. 

We got a call last week from one of our investigators. They are a couple 
that we have been meeting with for 9 months. He has a Word of Wisdom issue. 
Well, she(his wife)called and said he hadn't smoked for 2 days. She says 
the hearts and the picture we gave him helped. It was awesome. She said 
thank you so much. awesome.miracles. 

Another great thing this week. Did I tell you about the man
that can't speak? He is at the bus stop and he can't speak and he always
shakes our hands and salutes us. Well, me and Elder Lee both think we
need to share the Gospel with him and we couldn't find him. We went
through an entire apartment building looking for him and couldn't. We checked
the busstop one day and he wasn't there. So we went back and studied
more, and then went to go get lunch. We walked and passed the bus stop.
Then all of a sudden, my companion looks back and he gets off the bus.
He doesn't have money, so we went and bought him a burger (and us too) and
talked and he wants to meet again and hear our message! Love it.

So, today I'm emailing late because we hiked with the English 학완 man
(English teacher) Long fun hike haha. Awesome view (I have pics I'm
sending). The mountain was green! I saw a pheasant on it.
Also, there are benches at the top, and a store that sells drinks and
ice cream... at the top of a mountain! Weird right? Az needs to do that
haha. Then, we went to his mother in laws house (he had to pick
something up) and they gave us mulberry juice, and mulberrry
sandwiches. (Bet dad's jealous!)Everything grows better here.
It's gettin humid here now and warm. It's nice though , except I sweat
a lot haha, Koreans dont sweat. (so jealous)

Well ya thank you for your great emails. Once again you
said exactly what I needed to hear. I struggle a lot here, like its
hard to forget myself and think about the investigators and lessons
and everything. But I'm trying... that's a big struggle, but its what I
gotta do so im gonna work at it.

In the language, when people say things, I can discern words, like its not
just a bunch of mumble now to me, but still I don't know most words
and can pick our some words and guess what the conversation is a lot
though, so thats good. haha. 

I love you all! Take care of Jessica,

Love you all!
Love Elder Rice

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