Saturday, February 2, 2013

Surprise! Happy 22nd Birthday, Kayty!

Jessica and friends planned a surprise party for Kayty. We kept it a secret, too. The pics were hard to was a surprise after all...but we did manage to get a few.
Jessica had the place decorated in Kayty's favorite colors!

Ready with the pizza fixin's and the root beer keg

You guessed it....Ethan got ahold of the camera!

Our wood choppers got to taste the product of their hard work. 

Kayty's Star Wars Cake from Darby Spooner. 

After pizza, root beer, and cake, they wore off all that sugar with some dance party game. On the wall to your right, we now have come to the 'dark side' and have a large screen LED tv that can hook up to the internet. The game was not ours, but Jessica fixed it up. We must NOT let Elder Rice know of the existence of said TV until he returns in a year (our missionary sons think we save up money and then spend it on boats, guns, pools, etc. when they leave. It is merely coincidence...but just in case Elder Rice thinks the same...)

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