Thursday, February 14, 2013

Epic Valentines Day Fail

Valentines Day...not my favorite holiday...just because things have always been rather tight and we would do what we could for the kids, and us...well, that was not that important. This year, since postage to Korea went 60 bucks for a medium flat rate box...I combine mailings, so Elder Rice got a small box of Sees Chocolates awhile back. I did get Dee a card...funny ones are my favorite...and got Kayty an itunes gift card...her favorite, but I really had planned to get something for bullets at Sportsmans' Warehouse...I had been given the assignment...two days prior, mind you, to get Jessica some flowers from Elder dozen. So, that was my first stop. Dee has to use the jeep, so I hopped in the van and went to Fry's. I got the flowers, with purple statice among the blossoms, the right card, and got out to the van. I did take a the parking lot, and was off to deliver, a la FTD when...the van wouldn't start. Over and over I tried. I called him at his supplier. He had no clue. Since we have roadside assistance, I was calling Allstate Towing, when it all of a sudden started. Hooray...except that I was not sure it would start again, so I went back home, flowers and all. No gift for hubby. I did deliver the first mom job as a floral delivery person...but hubby had to just like the card.

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