Friday, July 26, 2013

Old People Camping Trip

We have camped...for years...for our whole entire marriage. We have camped at the Grand Canyon (the nice Father and Son in the next site gave our small children their first experience with same sex relationships). We have camped near Yosemite (Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls). We have camped at Pismo Beach and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park (ever sat on a beach in a cold sand storm??? Not pretty!) We have camped at Yellowstone (Never tent camp at Yellowstone. There is a reason for the need to wash your dishes a quarter of a mile away!)

We have had many great times...and we thought this, another trip to Woods' Canyon Lake would be no exception. Many happy memories there...canoes, trout fishing, crawdad catching, renting the rowboats, Salmon Peach bait, Adam falling in...well, that wasn't such a happy memory - for Mommy anyway...but we decided to drive up, fish, park the Jeep on the Mogollon Rim, and sleep in the front seat.

The weather was breathtaking! Cool and moist. We tried our usual hike around the limping and Dad not accustomed to the altitude yet...took us OVER THREE HOURS!

Dad did help a little girl from Minnesota visiting her Grandparents, wanting to catch a fish in the same lake her daddy had caught one. Dad told Grampa how to rig it...what to use...and we found out later, she got one. She had fished for 3 days and finally got one on her last night!!! Still gives me goosebumps...Heavenly Father's tender mercies are over all...even a little girl, fishing at a lake...

Dee fished and caught nothing.

So, we went to find a place to park on the Rim...NOTHING! All were now paying, full to the brim, campsites. We drove 8 miles...finally found a spot. We ate...but the cold and my salad made for a freezing wife, though he enjoyed his Hormel chili...

I went to the front seat and put my sore swollen toes up on the dash. It was dark...and cold...and we tried to sleep. At 10 pm...we decided that this trip was not to be. We drove through beautiful rain back after midnight!

On Youtube, we found someone who converted their van to a camper. THAT is our NEXT project!

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