Saturday, July 13, 2013

Prisoner Escape

In the Book of Mormon, in Alma, the Stripling Warriors are assisting in the battle against the forces of evil. Because the Lamanite prisoners took personnel to guard, it was decided to send them to the main prison in Zarahemla, accompanied by guards. It says,

Alma 57...
16 And now, in those critical circumstances, it became a very serious matter to determine concerning these prisoners of war; nevertheless, we did resolve to send them down to the land of Zarahemla; therefore we selected a part of our men, and gave them charge over our prisoners to go down to the land of Zarahemla.
 17 But it came to pass that on the morrow they did return. And now behold, we did not ainquire of them concerning the prisoners; for behold, the Lamanites were upon us, and they returned in season to save us from falling into their hands. For behold, Ammoron had sent to their support a new supply of provisions and also a numerous army of men.
After they return and end up assisting in a victory, they share this...
 28 And now it came to pass that after we had thus taken care of our wounded men, and had buried our dead and also the dead of the Lamanites, who were many, behold, we did inquire of Gid concerning the aprisoners whom they had started to go down to the land of Zarahemla with.
 29 Now Gid was the chief captain over the band who was appointed to guard them down to the land.
 30 And now, these are the words which Gid said unto me: Behold, we did start to go down to the land of Zarahemla with our prisoners. And it came to pass that we did meet the spies of our armies, who had been sent out to watch the camp of the Lamanites.
 31 And they cried unto us, saying—Behold, the armies of the Lamanites are marching towards the city of Cumeni; and behold, they will fall upon them, yea, and will destroy our people.
 32 And it came to pass that our prisoners did hear their cries, which caused them to take courage; and they did rise up in rebellion against us.
 33 And it came to pass because of their rebellion we did cause that our swords should come upon them. And it came to pass that they did in a body run upon our swords, in the which, the greater number of them were slain; and the remainder of them broke through and fled from us.
 34 And behold, when they had fled and we could not overtake them, we took our march with speed towards the city Cumeni; and behold, we did arrive in time that we might assist our brethren in preserving the city.
Now, I share this, not only to share part of the Book of Mormon, which I love, but to equate this to a real life adventure...of sorts. 
We are plagued with squirrels. Now, I have NO idea while a little bushy tailed squirrel somehow thinks it is cool to leave the higher...and cooler...mountains of northern and eastern Arizona to venture to the big city...that is doggone hot! They are not indigenous to our area. Yet, they come...and they dig...and they eat...and they make a terrible mess. So, Dee traps them. He is a softie, so he relocates them, when he can. (My opinion is not so soft!) He takes them to a local park and frees them to run the mountains and burrow wherever they want. 
Thus, we return to our tale: he caught one...and put the trap in the Jeep, to relocate. He went to get in, and the 'prisoner' had escaped...and had occupied the Jeep! There was NO WAY he was going to drive anywhere with a mad and crazy squirrel running all over the inside of the Jeep, so the hunt was on. I will include only a few pics of the hunt...mainly since I don't want to upset my grandkiddos...and I was laughing so hard the whole time that they are not that great anyway...

There was only one, so no "Lamanite-like" group sword-fall was involved...and we forthwith will opt for MY much faster (alas, but so much less amusing!)

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