Monday, June 2, 2014

Week of May 26 - June 1, 2014

Monday - our last day to really prepare. Dee mowed. I got milk and was greeted when I came back by Nathan, readying for his truck work day. I set out to purchase cabbage and melons, and when I returned home, Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper were here. I chopped and cut, and poor Amber and Doran got sicker and sicker with a stomach they all went home. I helped with the truck, cleaned, got food zones ready,

helped Nate clean up, and even slowly got in the pool.

Cupcakes were set out to thaw, ready for icing the next morning.
Butter and cream cheese, coming to room temperature. Each batch of frosting has 2 packages cream cheese, one stick butter, 2 tablespoons heavy cream, vanilla, 2 pounds powdered sugar, and for the chocolate, I added 2 tablespoons cocoa powder. 

Tuesday - I worked in the yard early, and then set out on my cupcake frosting adventure. 

Three hours later, they were all finished! And looked pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. Tables and chairs arrived...

Nate ran in the door, steamed his suit, ran out the door to the chiropractor, and then out to the temple for wedding pics. 

I made my final trip to Costco for carrots and to pick up the sheet cakes. 

Nano, Kathy, and Grandma arrived and began making watermelon balls. (When I was a kid, ALL melon was cut into balls...Nano was particular...)

Then, people came..

And came...

It was doggone hot, so most stayed indoors as long as possible.

Decorating was kinda last minute, and it was windy, so there were tablecloths that had to be re-set. Lots of sunflowers!

I will let the pics tell the rest of the story...

Dinner: pulled pork, rolls, baked beans, potato salad, cabbage salad, melon and grape, veggie tray, chips, dip, salsa,

These were Nate's football friends...from high school. They graduated 3 years ago together. Nate hadn't seen them in about as long, though Bryce Harris (to Nate's right) got every single letter Nate sent. It was so good to just see Nate sit and talk and laugh! 

Then, the cake (cupcake) cutting. They were nice...and then naughty (I am NOT a fan of naughty...just an opinion.)

There was dancing...
And lots and lots of friends. I was kept busy feeding, filling and emptying...

Then, Nate and Jess loaded up their gifts. Jess remembered that she hadn't thrown her bouquet. Kayty walked in the back door, and Jess tossed it...right at her. 

Our home teachers came and helped load tables and chairs. I spent till midnight putting food away. 

Morgan stayed around for awhile, and then headed out to who knows where. 

Wednesday - I cleaned...and laundered...and cleaned...and vacuumed...and cleaned. 

I met Cameo at the dentist, so Kaylee could watch and perhaps have the hygienist look at her teeth. 

She loved the watching. (Mommy has the whitest teeth!)

She was NOT going to have anyone count her teeth!

I returned Dorrie's stuff I borrowed, went to the post office, and home...

for more cleaning.

No scouts for Dee...everyone was out of town. 

Went to bed. 

Thursday - Back to normal. 

Kaylee came, walked in...and threw up! 

And threw up...

Yes, the creeping crud was here (and turned out, Nano had it...and Nate had it as well.)

I spent the day snuggling and rocking. It wasn't a problem at all. 

Kayty was off work...thankfully...because she took a run to the Circle K and got Kaylee a drink: half fruit punch gatorade and half sprite. At first, it came right back up, but she finally kept it down. 

Daddy came to pick her up and she was starting to feel better. 

Dorrie had offered us a neighbor's leather sofa, so Kayty cleaned off and moved her mattress out...and I moved Nate's mattresses to her room. I moved one shelf unit to the playroom, moved my beloved coffee table to another spot, and needed yet another shelf to make the playroom easier to use. 

Dee and I started off to WalMart, until I looked down at my orange t shirt, with spots of barf and dried stuff. ...don't want to fit in too much with the "people of WalMart", so I changed. Got my shelves.

Came home and got them up and the room re-arranged...

And fell fast asleep. 

Friday - Kaylee came a bit late, since Mommy had a doctor's appointment, so I ran to Safeway and took advantage of $5 Friday - paper towels were in desperate need!

The day was back to pretty normal, though Dee was feeling puny. Kaylee went out in the back yard, but it was pretty warm, so she played on the un-motorized cars (she is NOT a fan of those cars moving, so batteries are removed), and on the porch. She ate yogurt, and grapes, and raw corn on the cob, and mashed potatoes, and no carrots and no chicken breast, and took a good nap, where I almost completed Sam's Christmas Stocking! (Now, it needs his name, ironing, sequins, and then sewing it all together. I may be able to begin Jessica's next week!)

Nathan was here the heat...on that truck of his. Got the bed finished and primed! It looks great...for a primed truck bed, that is. 

Ethan got the sofa for us, and loaded it in the playroom, with Nathan's help...and then came out, looking pale and green. Yep, he threw up on the way home! Cam then came to get Kaylee. She ended up going to her parent's house, where Kaylee threw up, and then Cam got sick. 

Dad and I shared a footlong Subway sub. Either the cucumbers...or the crud...bothered my stomach all night. 

Saturday - I ran, and worked on the yard, and did laundry, and blogged...We yard saled, and took Nano's ice chests back to her, and visited Kathy and her husband (he makes gorgeous quilts and sews Trek clothing for LDS Pioneer Trek events. Dee was still puny, so our planned trip to Flagstaff and cool weather was put off. 

Nate and Jess were here when we came home. They opened more gift cards, fixed the roto-tiller, and swam. Then they worked on the truck.
Jess...with her new adorable short hair...and Nate work on the truck bed. 
Dee and I ate salads, and then decided to finish returning all the wedding stuff (which ended up being such a great idea) and visit. Kelsie was at her aunt's house for a fun visit, so I kept Kooper occupied. Doran's lawn is looking awesome, and Amber is such a great decorator...I just love being at their home. It really is warm and inviting and makes you happy to be there. She really has a gift for decorating. 

When we got home, Dee was on the computer, and I was laying on the couch, eating a few of those Hershey kisses from the wedding. Between kiss number 3 and kiss number 4, my stomach started feeling awful. By two hours later, I was sick. Yep, the bug got me! I won't share the details, but it sure is awful to be sick and have to clean up your own messes. 

Sunday - All I could do was lay down. The trips to the toilet stopped at around 10 am and I could keep down water in the afternoon. Dee had a good day at church. I nothing much else. I am not sure what else happened, except the remaining two folk in my house did their best to avoid me and my germs.

All in all...I am glad...that the wedding went well, that we didn't melt in the 107 degree heat, that no one was food poisoned, that we had enough food, that I could help Kaylee feel better on her sick day, and that all this sickness was kept on hold for the wedding reception. Now, for a hopefully more normal week off.

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