Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week of July 7 - July 13, 2014

Monday - The day began with a very muggy 3 mile run. I was grateful for the clouds. Kaylee came and we had a good day. We celebrated Christmas in July by watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".

Kayty was off and took her in the pool after her nap. Our friend helped complete our slide and delivered it. I took the first trip down.

After dinner and a trip to Lowe's for more paint for my chairs, I made sugar cookie dough, hoping to make some cookies for Christmas in July…on Wednesday, National Sugar Cookie Day.

Tuesday - I took a shorter jog…2 miles…and then exercised for a half hour before brushing the pool, cleaning the house, and Kaylee's arrival. Nano made an unexpected visit, so Kaylee and I spent the morning indoors. We watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, got a wonderful call from Joshy and family (I just LOVE it when Joshy calls me! I may not understand all he says, but it makes me feel loved and not so far away!) and after her nap, she swam with Kayty and Grammy went down the new slide 8 times trying to lure her to try it. Nothing doing! It took Daddy coming and putting her on the slide, and she went down over and over without a thought.
Kaylee shows Kayty how to sweep the floor. 

Kayty is NOT a good student!

I spent the evening baking star shaped sugar cookies to prepare for my Christmas in July activity tomorrow: icing sugar cookies.

 I was so tired after I finally got everything cleaned up that I just went to bed.

Wednesday - Dee had a rough night, and ended up in the recliner in the family room, which meant I couldn't get out to run or hike, so I ended up trying to sleep. Waking every 15 minutes is NOT sleeping, so I didn't get rest. National Sugar Cookie Day, and Jessica's birthday, were great, though it didn't work out the way I thought it would. Kaylee is not comfortable in new situations, and so this yellow icing thing, though tasty, was just too much after the first cookie, and she was done.

It was all good, though, and she took 9, or rather 6 cookies home (she made Mommy try a couple when she came to get her.)

We tried Charlie Brown Christmas, but she wasn't that interested, so we will attempt tomorrow. I did receive a call, and that spot on my back that hasn't changed in years and years, but IS dark and irregular shaped and colored, needs to be removed to make sure it doesn't' turn into melanoma. Appointment was scheduled for July 31st.

After a taco dinner, and Kaylee heading out with Mommy, we were Skype called by nephew Braydonn and were able to hear where he will serve his two year LDS church mission: Mexico Villahermosa Mission, right at the southern-most part of Mexico.

 We were so thankful to participate with our Utah family. After a quick trip to the Dollar Tree for unnecessary junk, and a brief stop by the Phoenix Temple to see another lighting test, we spent the rest of the evening readying for rest.

Thursday - It was humid, but humid makes a morning much more tolerable! I jogged and raked some pine needles, got the house clean and worked on Grace's baptism gift until Kaylee arrived. We swam, which was nice to do in the warm water, and with the deck still being cool. The day was filled with 18 month old play, a nap, and a sometimes cross little girl. Not sure what's wrong…but something isn't right. She perked up when Ethan came to get her! Dad painted more of my birthday chairs, and the evening was spent just recovering from the day.

Friday - The day began with a run, and a quick jump in the pool when I got back. Cameo took Kaylee to visit the doctor, so I worked on Grace's baptism gift (completed part of it) and Jessica's stocking. Kaylee finally arrived after noon, and the rest of the day was spent trying to get a urinalysis sample. Yep, you guessed it. Epic Fail! I tell you, I don't know whose idea it was to tape a bag on a toddler, in her diaper, and expect her to cooperate. I wouldn't have cooperated with that thing! We tried her potty too...nothing doing. She rested later, and was glad Mommy had come to pick her up. We headed to Costco, but Dee was bugged by the store not carrying the book "America" by D'nesh DeSousa, so I just hurried to get my necessities: water, salad, and some more alcohol (not the drinking kind) and peroxide. Nate gave us a phone call and told us of his week. He continues to look for work and work on the vehicles there. It was so nice to talk to him.  We watched the encore presentations of Master Chef and 24 because we missed them the other night (though the 24 episode was the one on the week prior, not the one we missed! Heck, we hardly watch any tv anyway, and when the wrong thing is on: waste of wasted time. Dee chatted with Gracie later, and heard of all the doings of the Wilkins family. I tried to encourage Dee to get to bed earlier, since we had to be up early for Saturday stuff...but he couldn't get to sleep till almost 2 am.

Saturday - I got up at 4:30 am, thinking I would exercise, when I realized we had to LEAVE by 5:30 am and I had a pool to brush, flowers to water, a tree to pull a hose to, and chickens to take care of, so no exercising for me. I got Dee up and going, and we headed out to the National Memorial Cemetery. Two young brothers in our ward are working on their Eagle Scout projects, so we went out and spent a little over an hour sweeping gravestones. I tell you, it was humbling to just read the names, and branch of military and the wars fought. I was so glad we spent some time there! On our way out, I looked and saw a vehicle with the back hatch open. Next to it, under a tree, sat a sweet elderly lady in a folding chair, right by a grave. She had bent over to get something off of the marker, and had flowers placed there. I thought of how sweet it was for her to come there to be able to spend time near someone she obviously loved very dearly. There were and continue to be many sacrifices for our freedom and way of life in America. I was so much more grateful. We yard saled, Dee napped while I cleaned, did laundry, and got my 2014 Christmas ornaments under way. We headed out to D.I. to leave a donation, and went to Smart and Final, Dee ate his favorite Chinese, Harbor Freight (blech) and home.  It was pretty hot, so the afternoon was more of a siesta time. Dee worked on my chairs when the clouds came out, and we actually took a swim...longer than a few minutes! (I have been waiting for these biopsy spots to be healing...and I finally could swim!) Evening was spent with Kayty spending the night at a friend's house, and we watched a movie on television, cleaned, and got ready for Sunday.

Sunday - I was awakened with a text from someone at church; the step-mother of those two eagle project boys from yesterday, asking if I could substitute in the nursery for her. She must have had too much sun the day before. I gladly said I would, and after another wonderful Sacrament Meeting at church, I spent the next two hours in the nursery. I was absolutely and totally wiped out afterwards, since we had one of the nine children in there that cried the entire time. Dee and I hung around church because we were attending the next ward's Sacrament Meeting to hear Brian Godwin, one of Nate's childhood friends, report after returning from his two year mission in Poland. Nate and him just missed each other by a couple of days. It was a very interesting and informative talk. I learned so much of Poland and the challenges Brian met and the difficulties life has brought for many many years to the Polish people. All the time, I could remember back to the time Nate and Brian and another young man in our ward went out trick or treating, all dressed as the Three Musketeers. Now they are all grown up! We arrived home, ate, and had a wonderful visit from Ethan, Cameo and Kaylee. The evening was spent just reading, etc.

Christmas in July this week covered two movies, sugar cookies, getting my ornaments ready to paint (I only have to buy a few more colors of paint), and working on Jessica's stocking, which I made a lot of progress on.

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