Monday, July 28, 2014

Week of July 21 - 27, 2014

Monday - Today was a day of many many blessings! Though I was texted from an outside family member at 3:48 AM, I was blessed to get some exercises AND a great run in...and it felt cooler than an oven outside! Kaylee was a little cross on arrival, but didn't take long to get into the swing of things and we had fun in both her little and the big pool. Dee took my jeep down to get an emissions test without the expensive repairs...and it passed!!! HUGE blessing! I received a call that angels are caring for my daughter and her family in Las Vegas...and have generously eased the financial burden they were facing. Since they wanted to be anonymous, I have expressed prayerful gratitude for kind and loving people, whether an "aunt" by blood...or by love. I was blessed to get some of my Tuesday work done on Monday night, and we were blessed with a wonderful letter from a wonderful grandson in the mail. Awesome day!

Tuesday - I jogged and exercised, got the sunflowers with seeds cut off

and in the garage to dry, and I pulled up the rest. No more watering, since the next two weeks are scorchingly hot. Pool was brushed and after Kaylee got here, we had a brief swim. My visiting teachers came for a great visit. Dee was busy at suppliers most of the day. After work, we realized he had pack meeting, so he left for Rio Vista Park and molten heat. I cleaned, took a quick trip to Dollar Tree, and came home. The evening ended with a swim and bed.

Wednesday - I slept in a bit and exercised this morning. It was 95 degrees when I woke up, so I was glad I didn't plan on running. The day was typical, though Kaylee just didn't seem right. Nathan's job interviews went so well that both jobs wanted to hire him. He decided to take the closer, more long term job rather than the one that was more interesting to him. I learned Jessica has been feeling very poorly, and Nate's headaches have not let up. So sad. I just keep praying. It ended up being 114 degrees today...and it felt like every single degree. No outside work done.

Thursday - I tried to hike this morning...92 degrees at 4:45 am, but Thunderbird Park hadn't opened yet, and I had to get Dee and Kayty up, plus brush the pool, so I went back home and exercised. When brushing the pool, I broke the brush. Kaylee kept me very busy the whole day.And by the time Ethan came, Phoenix had recorded 116 degrees outside.  After Ethan and Kaylee headed home, we went to WalMart for bait and Winco for salad...I did get most of Jessica's stocking done - almost all the sequins are on.

Friday - It felt much cooler...only 90...when I went running. I again enjoyed the lower temple lights on. Such a treasure to run by a temple that will be operating soon. Kaylee didn't ask to swim today, so we spent the day indoors. We finally watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas".  Dee had a good mid-year review from his boss. Kaylee kept me hopping...I think we played with every single toy available to her in the playroom. Dee, Ethan and Doran met Scott, Jenny and a friend at Lake Pleasant to fish. Cam and Kaylee went home, Kayty headed to a Bachelorette Party, and I finished Jessica's stocking!

The guys didn't contact us, but since I knew there were two boats, I wasn't worried, so I headed to bed. The fishing was very good...and they got a good haul!

Maybe lightening???

Saturday - We headed out to a few yard sales...NBJ (Nothing But Junk!)...worked around the house, headed out for groceries, cleaned and had some ward friends for dinner - Dee's grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and salad...Dee had to study for a lesson he had to give the High Priest's Quorum on Sunday. I fell asleep...and slept through a massive wind and rain storm! We didn't suffer much damage...only lots of junk in the pool and lots of raking to do on Monday.

Sunday - It was gorgeous outside when I got up!!! I am glad we take Sunday as a day of rest and don't work...but this would have been a tempting morning! Church was great, as always...and we learned that when they dedicate the Phoenix Temple, we will be sent to another church building so they can use ours for staging the open house. We will attend the building near Dorrie's house, and attend at 1 pm rather than 9 am. Glad it's not further to drive. This building a mile away from us has me spoiled.

We ate lunch and headed to Doran and Ambers to return some stuff he left here.
I held a Kooper...

...and played Barbies with Kelsie.

I even snuggled Kooper to sleep (please pay no attention to the quiet child with eyes wide open.)
 Kelsie took some pictures of her own...

We returned home, ate, visited with Nate and Allison on the phone, and I set up my sewing room for ornament production.

Please do not ask how one gets the laundry done, the vacuum out, or into the garage. It is way to complicated to even explain, but I can have 15 or more ornaments going, and next week will be a busy one. 

Just a thought...for those of you who read this...many of our family members are going through struggles and after thought, Dad and I are going to fast on our next Fast Sunday for our family, that each one facing a challenge may be guided and directed to the solutions to those challenges. If you would like to participate, or even just to remember in your prayers, you are welcome to do so. 

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