Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week of July 28 - August 3, 2014

Monday - It was a beautiful run that began my Monday. I raked and cleaned up pine needles and worked on the pool, and then got Dee and Kayty up and off to work.  Morning was filled with laundry and cleaning, with a bit of ornament painting on the side. Dad and I used his lunch break for a 99 Cent Store Vegetable run and a trip to a woodworking store for a drill bit. After lunch, I painted, and Kayty's best friend came by...

Yes, Dave Ross, our piano tuner. (Sorry it's blurry...I had to sneak since he was so busy and I didn't want to interrupt.

I painted and painted and cleaned and cleaned. Dad mowed the yard before dinner...

He blew more mesquite beans into piles for my future pick up... not so sure how I felt about that. 

Tuesday - I ran to the temple and exercised, though I had to get Dad out the door to meetings by 6 am. I did my dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning, and then went and painted ornaments. 20 done, 20 begun. Dad needed a companion for home teaching, so I went with him, and then after we returned home, our home teacher and his wife came and we had a great visit!

Wednesday - I noticed after my run that the garbage cans had not been picked up by the truck yet. So, I grabbed my wheelbarrow and a few empty buckets and bins, and loaded mesquite beans and raked and raked and hauled and hauled to fill up my trash can. I got 9 buckets/bins and three wheelbarrow loads down! Then I spent the rest of the morning worrying that the trash wouldn't be collected because I didn't bag up the mess.

It did come!

I ground up some roast to make nice hamburgers for the missionaries, and after cleaning...and more painting...40 ornaments now complete.

We fed Elder Nokes and Elder Meredith...burgers, chips, salad, beans (no one ate those) and chocolate ice cream for dessert.

We headed to WalMart for stuff: oil for an oil change, Kelsie's birthday gift...we even got my palm tree trimming knife at Lowes.

Thursday - I ran and exercised and cleaned some, thinking I would do it later, and then headed to the dermatologist to remove more tissue on my back. I started getting nervous when I was given more and more shots of Novocaine. Cutting and cutting, stitches below the skin and 7 on top and I was ready to be done...till she said no bending or straining so I don't pull the stitches out.


I learned that absolutely everything I do is bending and straining and stretching. I went crazy just trying to figure things out the rest of the day...

And painted some more...60 ornaments total done.

And I fell sound asleep...totally...utterly...didn't even remember turning off the light.

Friday - I kept trying to wake up early, but my incision hurt so much that I just slept in till 6:10 am. I feel so much compassion on my c-section daughter and daughters in law. How did you do it? I just had a hunk of flesh muscle cut. I did sleep well, as long as I used no pillow and slept flat on my back.

My day was spent trying to be careful and find things that I could do...dusted a bit...vacuumed with the small vacuum...I even cheated and cleaned up my painting stuff so it wouldn't interfere with tending Kaylee next week. I also ground up the chicken breast I purchased yesterday...and almost ground up a plastic spoon. After MUCH effort, Dee finally got it out of the grinder...

Grinder is fine, thankfully. The spoon...

As the day went on, I could do less and less. It's amazing how removing a dime sized chunk from my back can be so irritating. We did finally get my new vacuum. Goodbye Kirby!

Later, we got a glorious rainstorm and lots of water! It was great!

Saturday - I woke up early and actually didn't hurt. I tried to jog, but ended up walking the three humid miles. It felt good to move! The worst part of all this is the beautiful weather...and all the yard work I cannot do! We hit some yard sales...

I completed Grace's baptism gift...

We picked up my photos at Walgreens and finally filled Sam's empty frame on my grandkid shelf. Now, to order an update for Kooper's photo.
I also got a pic of Nate and Jess in her wedding gown at the temple to complete, for now, the wedding shelf... 
We voted and mailed our ballots
I took my daily shower (no baths or pool for two weeks!) and Dad put this all on my stitches...

I am rather concerned...Kayty gets to do this to me next week...

Dad trapped another squirrel ...number relocate at the waterfowl viewing center at Thunderbird Park

We grocery shopped and by this time, I was sore, so I put away groceries, cooked some dinner, and spent some time on the couch. Meanwhile, Dad noticed glorious cool weather outside.

I was so jealous because I tried to trim my palm tree...but no way with my limited pulling and twisting.

We had thunder and yet a third rainstorm! Hurray!

We went to look at upgrading our computer. I felt like Rip Van Winkle who had been asleep for 100 years! I knew NOTHING! I just couldn't wait to leave Best Buy! 

Sunday - Another wonderful fast and testimony meeting! We have the most wonderful people in our ward and I am so grateful to be blessed to learn of their testimonies. We came home and Dad visited a family he home teaches while I indexed. This time it went well, and I do like indexing obituaries now. Dinner was salad...packing a suitcase...visiting with Kayty...watching videos of Nate peeling apples with a drill (Epic!)...and working on genealogy.

I got a lot done this week, though I do wish the dermatologist had warned me of my limitations due to the procedure. It has been tortuous for me to have such lovely weather that I cannot work outside in....or swim in. On the other hand, I got LOTS of ornaments done and should finish the job on my next week off. I was grateful that as we had barely planned a fast for our children, I could see the hand of the Lord already at work, so we were comforted in being reminded that He is aware of ALL their needs. 

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