Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week of August 11 - 17, 2014

I seem to always find that my "week off" is full of activity. It is good, since I really make sure I use each day to the fullest.

Monday -  I woke up early, ran, and then set to work. Playroom was cleaned and re-organized, Christmas ornaments were put away until November, painting supplies were all put away, house was dusted, vacuumed and the kitchen was mopped, and the bathroom scrubbed. When Dee headed to a supplier, I wrestled Kayty to come with me to Costco, where she assisted in lifting a 50 pound sack of bird feed and a case of water into both my cart and my car. We also got gas, I ran into Michael's to use a coupon and complete a project, and I stopped for Kayty's "needed" Mountain Dew.

After stuff was put away, I cooked some deer meat and made salad for dinner, and we worked in the yard. I trimmed lantana growing under the citrus trees and hauled two wheelbarrowloads out to the pile. Dee and I worked the rest of the time on the Ironwood tree that had split in half and has on the ground - clipping, sawing, and hauling. I was exhausted and itchy after done.

Tuesday - I ran again, and then did work in the yard. I hauled two more Ironwood loads to the pile. After Dee's had eaten breakfast and left for a supplier visit, I cleaned the pantry and vacuumed the whole house. I had a list, both at WalMart and Dollar Tree, so I then got stuff checked off my list. I finished the pantry, did some laundry, made two birthday cards for granddaughters, got their birthday presents is lots of little things, isn't it. We worked in the yard and waited to hear from Morgan (who was coming to town to work out some traffic issues), which led to talking to Sharynn and Rollin...a lot. Dee trimmed some more palm fronds, and I started hauling, until a wind and rain storm interrupted...We have had a pretty good monsoon season, with numerous rain events. This one began heavy and then drizzled to rain the rest of the night. At about 9:30 pm, a ring of the doorbell indicated Morgan had been located...he got to Ethan and Cameo's, and she and Kaylee brought him home. I think she was afraid she was going to have to stay here, so Kaylee was not too happy, even with some kisses from Grammy. There was visiting, Dee took a bike ride, and I went to bed exhausted and late.

Morgan seems to have really grown up. The experiences of the last few months have really seemed to have a maturing impact on his life. It holds true that it is not what happens to us, but what we DO with what happens to us.

Wednesday - It was 75 humid degrees when I ran, but it was so nice. I finished hauling palm fronds in a sprinkle of rain. Dee ate his bacon and eggs, and I headed out to ride a bus. They were timing tour buses to and from the temple, so we met in Wet N Wild Waterpark Parking Lot...

lined up and boarded

got off, lined up, and boarded again,

and returned.

Fun to do something help...

I took Morgan to the MVD to try and get the old traffic violations taken care of.

There is much for him to do...

and spend. He asked Dee for a priesthood blessing to guide him in deciding what to do.

The guys got a LOT of that palm tree cut apart and hauled out, or ignited.

I hauled a few wheelbarrowloads too.

They had sushi

We watched Duck Dynasty.

Good way to end the day.

Thursday - I ran at was cooler and less humid feeling. I didn't do much yard work, but managed to get a couple things straightened, made breakfast for Dee, and headed to the doctor.

The medical assistant, not the doctor, removed the stitches...
Seven Itchy Stitches...Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah...
She remarked that I had a rash from the bandage...and then she put another one on.

I had Dee remove it as soon as I got home.

Our Again-Attempted-But-Life-Gets-In-The-Way trip/vacation to Thatcher was cancelled.

I cleaned, vacuumed, dusted,

Talked to two adorable you Joshy and Grace...on the phone...

 made Haystacks...

And worked in the yard. I am just a hauler...

Morgan did TONS!

Including relocating the slide to the pool area...

 Which Kayty loved!

Great night...

Friday - Friday, I was dragging. I was tired of running, but since my exercises are still out of the question for a few more days, I headed out. I got some yard work done...not much, but some, woke Dee up, and just hung out all day, because I had made other plans. My weeks off go BEST when I have a plan for every day. I need to also have a back up plan, so I can make the most of my time.

Dee and Morgan went and ate lunch with Dorrie.

I got a suitcase full of Nate's forgotten things ready. A sister in our ward is moving to Idaho Falls in a couple of weeks, and she might be able to fit his stuff in. That suitcase is so heavy, it would cost a fortune to ship.

In the afternoon, I worked on getting another Christmas stocking ready to go.

This one is Zyan's.

Dad wanted to get some crunchy seaweed at Costco, so we had a carfull, with Kayty and Morgan both coming. It was much WORSE than when they were kids...

Nothing But Mayhem!

But Dad got me this nice wreath that I admire every year at Costco but talk myself out of purchasing until it's gone.

Saturday - I was beat, but I ran to the temple and back.

Doesn't that sound nice? Ran to the temple and back.

I still can't actually believe it!

Morgan couldn't wake up, so Dee and I hit some yard sales, changed the oil in the car, I dusted and vacuumed, and he fixed watering system pipes and sawed some mesquite into firewood.

Kayty headed out to work, Doran and Amber dropped by for a visit with Morgan and a swim for Kelsie

Kooper goes tight lipped everytime Mommy tries to feed him. This was bananas/apples/strawberries. 

However, there were NO tight lips when Papa gave him an Oreo!

Kelsie made herself a treat from the Oreo's and Hershey's Syrup. (I promise that she was NOT bouncing off the ceiling the rest of the day!)

Morgan decided to cancel his return flight to Utah and decided to head out with Doran, Amber and family for a stay with them.

I got a wonderful call from Joshy and then talked to Gracie. I was sad to hear she ended up with a goose egg on her head when she escaped her room through the window. Lots of fun at the Wilkins house!

Dee and I worked on the pool, shopped at WalMart for oil for my jeep and new seed starter for his plants, and some Smarties for him to share at church.

I texted back and forth with Nathan. No headache relief yet. MRI this next week.

He needs your prayers...they need to find a solution to these headaches.

We spent the evening just talking and sharing ideas for the future. Late, when I normally don't even check my email, I decided to check it, and found an email from the ward Executive Secretary, asking us to come see the bishop Sunday morning early for a temple open house assignment. We were so thankful we were chosen.

Sunday - Since we had to get to church earlier than usual, I woke up and got ready, and then got Dee up to get ready. I got some time to contemplate...and I was so thankful to remember words of wisdom from church leaders. The talk that I had printed from October General Conference by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Grateful In Any Circumstance", came to my mind and helped me guide my thoughts.

We arrived at church, and got in line with other email recipients. The bishop interviewed us as a couple, and asked if we would serve as Phoenix Temple Open House Ushers.


We knew that there would be a chance we might not be asked. Many want to do this! I was so thankful for the opportunity. We will serve at least three 5-hour shifts.


We had another missionary speak before he reports to the MTC on Wednesday. He will be serving in the Japan Tokyo South Mission. He is a great young man, though his family moved here about a year ago, and I am sure it was really hard to move before his Senior year in high school. The family still has a home in Utah, and he would go there often, so we didn't see much of him. He did serve as a ward chorister a bit last Summer, which was awesome. He will be a great missionary!

We had a lesson in Sunday School on Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, and talked a lot about pride and what it is. A great talk from years ago was referred to that applies so much today: "Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson We talked a lot about how Proverbs reminds us that we always need to look to the Lord.

 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy path. Be not wise in thine own eyes. Fear the Lord. Depart from evil." Proverbs 3: 5-7

That one is one of my favorites. Especially the "be not wise in thine own eyes..." Pride is Self importance. Humility is God importance.

Loved it.

Relief Society talked about family unity. I didn't feel very unified...(parents hurt when their kids are having differences) so I was thankful for my early departure to the nursery. I sang and even had the kids doing "The Bunny Song" over and over.
 Fun times. Little ones know how to have fun!

Salad for lunch.

A call from Joshy asking me to come to his house. (Tears because it is SO DOGGONE HARD to schedule time to get away, with our home responsibilities, church responsibilities, and Dee's workload at work, which has tripled in the last few weeks.

I am trying, Joshy...believe me. Papa even tried to get suppliers to let him come and visit so I could just stay there overnight while he went on to St. George. Naughty suppliers didn't want him to come. He's still trying to persuade them.

Even talked a bit to Adam...he sounds so old! (Not old like me, Adam, just like almost a teenager old.)

I worked on scanning photos for Nano's birthday post on Facebook. I am trying to share from the words she, herself, wrote, so you can know her from her life, while she is alive. I have learned a lot...and I have known her ALL my life!

An unexpected "guest" showed up as Dee was emptying the bucket that catches moisture from our air conditioner. While he tried to discover it's origin, I was determining its demise.


Apparently, it's a "protected" rattlesnake.


So Dee drove and released it in a desert area while I sat with my purse, waiting to take him to the emergency room if that creature got out of the bucket.

Spaghetti for dinner

Surprise Rainstorm.

And readying for bed and a busy week ahead.

It has been another week of learning. I have learned about communication...and mis-communication; of expectations and coordination; and have gained a lot of inspiration that, I hope, in the future, we can come to agreements ahead of time, so situations don't develop.

I have also learned that all of us have to face tough things. We have to make tough decisions. I know of the challenges Ethan and Cameo faced when they had to work different jobs and different shifts and rarely saw each other.

It was such a great challenge in their early years of marriage.

Doran lost a baby...and a first marriage.

Kelsie lost a Daddy.

 I read of Allison and Mike's challenges of no vehicle for a month...of walking in Vegas heat to a grocery store...and of mishap after mishap. Yet, they faced the tough things.

It was was was time consuming

Then, there are health troubles: migraines and headaches, lab tests and MRI's. Amber and Nathan have been dealing with them. I cannot imagine anything worse than a headache!!! And the ones I remember are not nearly as bad as the ones they have suffered. And there are the chronic issues, the blood tests and biopsies that other family members have experienced, and continue to.

It is scary. It is uncertain. You have to say words and talk to people, and do uncomfortable things so that maybe you can get relief.

Yet, all these family members  did it...and continue to do it every day.

Nathan wrote me often about an inspirational poem he kept with him. " It's In the Valley's I Grow"

By: Jane Eggleston

Sometimes life seems hard to bear,
full of sorrow, trouble and woe.
It's then I have to remember
that it's in the valleys I grow

If I always stayed on the mountain top
and never experienced pain,
I would never appreciate God's love 
and would be living in vain

I have so much to learn
and my growth is very slow,
sometimes I need the mountain tops
But it's in the valleys I grow

I do not always understand,
why things happen as they do.
But I am very sure of one thing,
My Lord will see me through

My little valleys are nothing
when I picture Christ on the cross
He went through the valley of death,
His victory was Satan's loss.

Forgive me Lord, for complaining
when I'm feeling so very low.
Just give me a gentle reminder
that it's in the valleys I grow.

continue to strengthen me, Lord.
and use my life each day
to share your love with others
and help them find their way.

Thank you for valleys, Lord
for this one thing I know
the mountain tops are glorious
But it's in the valleys I grow.

By:Jane Eggleston

Truly we only grow when he face difficulties...hard times.

Ease is our temporary rest...

But the climb, the challenge, the tough decision, the phonecall or letter, the dr. visit, the test, the talk, the job interview, the meeting with the bishop, the feverish child...

That is when we grow...when we overcome...when we face our fears

With prayer and faith...

And we grow

More like Him.

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