Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week of August 18 - 24, 2014

Monday - Kaylee had a happy day, and I was glad, since the night before had been rough and sleepless for many of us, between just general can't get to sleep, to dog waking us up, to thunder and rain keeping us awake (no complaints about rain, though!) It made for a nice cloudy and cool morning and we spent it out in the sandbox.

 Kaylee kicked me off the piano bench, saying "move!" and she and Kayty had a good time playing!

Tuesday -  I didn't hear the alarm on my phone, but I woke up before 5 am, so I headed out for a run. It was dark and cloudy, and I even got rained on about a half mile from home. Nice! I loved it! I brushed the pool, fed the chickens, and got Dee's work computer going. I noticed a meeting of his cancelled, so I got him up so he could go to another supplier meeting. I noticed it being windy outside...which it hadn't been, and remarked to Dee that he needed to come look. All of a sudden, the sky let loose! Rain like I have never seen here...for a long time. Dee left for the meeting, and I took pics.

I opened the gate to let water out...I heard a voice, and it was Dee, who had given up trying to travel the flooded roads! We didn't suffer any damage and felt so so very blessed for the beautiful rain. I was glad to have another cool morning for Kaylee to play outside!

 It was a beautiful day, with off and on rain, clouds, and plenty of "hop hops" for Kaylee to see when Daddy came to get her.

We headed towards the Skunk Creek "Waterfalls" and watched the raging water with many others. It is amazing how much water comes from a few inch rain in the desert. After hitting a few stores, we headed home, and were blessed to come over Thunderbird Mountain and see the Phoenix Temple all illuminated. It. Was. Breathtaking!

Wednesday - I didn't want to run today, until I went out in the back yard and felt 72 degree weather, which NEVER happens in August, so I headed out. It was so nice. I knew I was getting so spoiled, since it's 100 degrees through October! Kaylee and I played out in the back yard sand, played in the little pink play pool, fed chickens and had a good day. Daddy came to pick her up, and got some firewood and the grub box (which had water in it...probably from the huge rain) so they could go camping the next couple of days.

Thursday - I headed out for a run, got dusting, vacuuming and cleaning done. Dee had many meetings at work, thus the reason our "Temple Tour of Arizona" could not happen this week. He made flight arrangements for his November business trip, and I planned when I will decorate the house for Christmas (I have a very small life, people...The more I plan, the more I accomplish).

Friday - I jogged on another beautiful morning...72 degrees! I enjoyed seeing the Phoenix Temple (they are planting more desert plants - I kinda wish the people in Salt Lake City would ask what the natives think of the plants they plant. It's kind of like in Jurassic Park when they planted "pretty plants" that made that poor triceratops sick. The trees and plants they planted are MESSY! - but nice when the bloom, for that one day)  We got up and ready and headed out to the Gilbert Temple.

We planned on doing two sessions...until we finally got there, and saw...a lift truck...and plywood on a couple of the stained glass windows...and no cars...

Closed for two weeks!(Really? It's only been open for a few months. Dedication was on the day after Nathan came home from his mission!)

It's a beautiful temple, though we have never seen an endowment room! Sad that the "R" had already become dislodged. 
So, we madly changed plans and headed to the Mesa Temple. It took a LONG time to find a parking place...perhaps due to the Gilbert Temple Closing.

They had closed the Mesa Temple for three weeks, instead of the typical two, and put down some absolutely gorgeous marble flooring. It was beautiful. We got into a session at 10 am. During the session, there were some delays, so we couldn't make another session.

We were going to buy some potato pearls at the cannery, but I was afraid IT was closed too, so we stopped at Deseret Industries to drop off some things, shopped at the 99 Cent Store for veggies, and drove by the Phoenix Temple on our way home.
Sorry folks. It was nearly 2 in the afternoon and I was hungry and tired! I needed a headband!
Big salad...hauling more stuff out to the quarterly pick up pile...Dee helped a sister in our ward load up her moving U-haul...and got Nate's suitcase full of computer, baseball gloves, and loading machine stuff (and a warm coat to protect it all) her truck as well (she moved to Idaho Falls the next day)...and a quiet evening.

Though I was a bit on the put out side when we arrived at a closed temple (this has happened a couple of times to us - you think we would learn to check the website first!) but then I thought of how wonderful it was to HAVE an alternative to a closed temple. The other times we have been mistaken, we had to just head home. Not this time.

Saturday - Exercising, brushing the pool, yard sales, and I got paint to paint some of my metal folding chairs.

It was hot, though it really was in the upper 80's or low 90's. It's scary how FAST we get weather spoiled. Next week will bring 106 back again!

We ran errands and picked up some baptismal clothing from the stake center that needed to be washed and returned. I did two loads of clothing and had them neatly folded on the couch by nighttime.

Ethan and Cameo and Kaylee came by to return some borrowed camping stuff and share the pictures of their trip. The cutest ones were of Kaylee crying her eyes out and cringing as mommy and daddy photographed the fish they had caught. Ethan says he has a tree hugger for a daughter.

I painted chairs...and repainted after I missed some spots.

We worked HARD in the yard, Dee cutting the palm stuff off the tree and me hauling it out to our ever growing pile. Four wheelbarrow loads full, and after raking and cleaning, it looks pretty doggone good! We still have the remaining trunk to burn, but we have to wait till it dries out a bit.

A swim...watching some television

A call from Doran that Morgan had decided to return to Texas the next morning (which the bus was too full and he will leave on Monday morning)  and bed were the end of our day.

Sunday - I woke up, got ready, got Dee up and we headed out to church. Our speakers in Sacrament meeting shared their experiences living in a ward that had a temple dedication going on. The were in Apex, North Carolina where the Raleigh Temple is located. We found out that we will be relocated from our building in a few weeks. We learned of Job in Sunday School and about Priesthood Keys and Authority in Relief Society.

After my lunch, I worked on the blogging of Mom's life history for her birthday post (Check this Friday, August 29th). It took some time, since I condensed and reorganized a bit.

Dee went home teaching. I blogged and worked on a letter for a sister I visit teach.

I guess that's it...

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