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Nancy Ella Chancy and Theodore Thomas Doran Rice

This is from newspaper articles. The dates are included. The "Ella Rice" is your dad's Great Grandmother, Nancy Ella Chancy Rice, and the "Doran" is your dad's grandfather, Theodore Thomas Doran Rice. Dad said his grandfather always told him the family was bootlegging and he had shot someone. Now, the story is proven true.

Alton Telegraph, August 16, 1928

Judge Lawliss Lets Culprits Leave City

Thinks Its Better than to Attempt Getting Fines

The question of who gets changes of venue from police court was not solved yesterday when a case was carried from Acting Magistrate Lawliss to Justice Gorman.  At an afternoon hearing, Justice Gorman reports, both sides agreed that he should try the case, and accordingly accepted the papers transmitted to him.

The case was one against Mrs. Ella Rice of 1209 ½ Belle street on a charge of selling liquor.  But at the hearing before Justice Gorman, City Attorney Liedel finally agreed that the charge be reduced to one of disorderly house, and through her attorney, William Wilson, Mrs. Rice then entered a plea of guilty and was fined $25.

Yesterday’s complaint against Mrs. Rice grew out of a police raid Monday night.  But there had been a previous raid last Saturday night and today Mrs. Rice was summoned back into police court on the case growing out of the first raid.  Acting Magistrate Lawliss finally agreed that the charge be withdrawn after an offer had been made that Mrs. Rice would leave town, and she was released.

There was similar action taken by the acting magistrate……(not related to Rice case)

 Alton Evening Telegraph, December 16, 1929


Two Men in Hospital, Ten in Jail After ‘Rough-House’

19 Released, 1 Held

Son of Mrs. Ella Rice Claims He Shot in Self-Defense

It was due to a baby being knocked off a table, police have been told that a “rough house”, raised in the apartment of Mrs. Ella Rice at 1209 Belle Street at 11:30 p.m. Saturday developed into a shooting affray in which two men were wounded.

The two men shot were Bart Bainbridge, of 802 Henry Street, whose windpipe was punctured, and
Fred Thiesen of 325 West Twelfth Street who was wounded in the leg between the knee and ankle.

Both were taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital where it was said that the condition of Bainbridge was regarded as serious, little (illegible) having been noted, but (illegible) would be taken home having expected to develop no complications.

Doran Rice Held
The bullet with which Thiesen was shot, one of .32 calibre, was found in his clothing after he reached the hospital, police say.  The bullet which his Bainbridge appeared to have entered at the “adam’s apple” and to have emerged from the neck a few inches away.  He could not talk other than a few whispers when police saw him immediately after the shooting.

Doran Rice, barber at Broadway and Laclede avenue in Sering place and a son of Mrs. Rice in whose apartment the trouble started, was held by the police for the shooting.

Nine other persons were taken into custody as participants or witnesses of the trouble, but after questioning were released on their own recognizance to appear at 5 p.m. today.

Rice’s Account
Doran Rice told a reporter today that he had gone to the home of mother after closing his barber shop to get some washing she had done for him.  With him were his wife, their 2-year-old daughter, Iona, and a friend, Mann Duggan, a heavyweight boxer formerly of Plainview. 
While they were in his mother’s apartment, he said, a party of men burst in and started a rough house.   It began in an apparent spirit of “horseplay” on the part of the visitors, he said, but, after his baby daughter was knocked off the table, he remonstrated, and a fight began.

When one man produced a knife, Doran said, he went to a bedroom and got a revolver he knew his mother kept for protection, and with help of his friend, Duggan, drove the visitors out.

Rice Opens Fire
But a few minutes later, three men started back.  He heard someone say, “Let’s clean out the place – he won’t shoot.”  And when the trio advanced on him as he stood on the front porch, on showing his knife, he says he first retreated, then began to shoot.

His first shot wounded Thiesen in the leg, but the other two men kept coming, and he fired a second time, wounding Bainbridge in the throat.

The police report shows officers were called by some resident of the neighborhood at this juncture.  When the ambulance arrived Thiesen, his wound bleeding profusely, was seated in a chair in front of the house, while Bainbridge already had been started for the hospital in a car, accompanied by two companions. John Boomleaf (?) and Robert Paisley or Peasley.  Thiesen was taken to the hospital in the ambulance.

Returning, officers found Doran Rice, who had been named by the wounded men, and put him under arrest.  His .32 calibre revolver later was found near the rear of the house, to which point it is believed he retreated after firing the first shot.

Conflicting Reports
While Doran Rice told police that he was forced to shoot in defense of his family and his mother’s home, police had two counter reports as to start of the trouble.  One was that it grew out of a “party” at Mrs. Rice’s place, the other that the party had “horned into” the Rice place after leaving a neighborhood place, keyed up to seek trouble.

Chief of Police Fitzgerald said today that Mrs. Rice’s premises had been subject of two raids within the last two weeks, but that no beer or liquor was found.  Some months ago a raid there resulted in a charge under which she was fined.

Mrs. Rice was among those who went to Springfield last summer to appear before a grand jury in federal court, it is said, and it was common gossip that she went to air gossip against the police.

Doran Rice’s automobile was found Sunday in a ditch on East Eleventh street near Alton, having gone partially down an embankment.  Rice said today that after the shooting he started to take his family and Duggan home, but that they found Duggan’s overcoat had been forgotten and turned back to get it.

In the fog, he ran past the end of the pavement on Eleventh at Alton and ditched his car.  He returned to his mother’s apartment on foot and was taken into custody on arrival there. 

Plead Not Guilty on Liquor Charge

Doran Rice, 28, a barber, indicted twice on charges of assault with intent to kill, as a result of an affray last December 13, at the home of his mother, Mrs. Ella Rice at 1209 Belle street was arraigned in City Court before Judge Yager today and entered please of not guilty.

Rice was also indicted jointly with Mrs. Ella Rice on a charge of violating the state prohibition law, and both he and his mother, who also was in court, entered please of not guilty.

Two men, Bart Bainbridge and Fred Theisen were wounded in the affray at the Belle street address last December, and the indictments against Rice on the assault charges come from this circumstance.

Assistant State’s Attorney Streeper appeared for the state at the arraignment.

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