Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week of August 4 - 10. 2014

Monday - What a day! Dad left for Utah, which went pretty well, but it was crazy the rest of the day. Kayty was so kind to make sure she was off so she could greet Kaylee when she arrived...but on a was too much different stuff for a little kid. Between trying to be careful not to rip stitches out and trying to get her into the swing of things, I was totally beat!

Meanwhile in Utah, plans for hotels changed, so Dee went and visited with Rollin and Sharynn and family on his only night near Riverton.

Tuesday - I started the day with a shortened hike and got a few things at the grocery store on my way home. Tuesdays are usually the best day of the week with Kaylee, and this was no exception. I kept things calm and cool so as not to rip out any stitches...She cooperated.

Meanwhile in Utah, Dee and friends relocated to Springville Utah. Here are the pics he sent home.

Wednesday - I started the day with a great hike. It was so nice in the morning today. I hiked with a flashlight at first, and then I saw the sun rise. I hurried home after a quick stop at the grocery store, and fought the slow computer for an hour to get the van listed on the The day was long but we got through it, and Kaylee was ready to head out when Mommy came. Evening was spent just dusting, cleaning, and resting.

Meawhile in Provo, Dee had great supplier visits, solved some problems, and attended a session at the Provo temple.

Thursday - I had an awesome hike, even with the phonecall from Dee questioning the amount of money in our checking account. Nothing like getting a call about money while you are coming down a mountain...All was fine and I readied for Kaylee. Thursday is her LEAST favorite day...and today was no exception. We had a nice visit from Nano, which helped her out a lot.
 I got a phonecall from some very anxious Vegas grandkids, waiting for their Papa to come. After Daddy came to get Kaylee, I headed out and got some shopping done. These fresh, first of the season puppies jumped into my cart...

I had no control! After returning home, I cared for chickens, a dog, the laundry, the vacuum cleaner on the floors, and headed to bed.

Meanwhile, in Vegas...Dee visited Allison and Mike and family, read, swang, ate ice cream, and had a wonderful time! (Grammy was rather envious!!!)

Friday - I hiked, greeted Kaylee and we played. She was SO tired of indoors! I was tired of indoors too. It was a long week...Dee returned home around noon and set out to work after I made him a salad. Kaylee was glad someone else was here! She was also so glad when Mommy came and ran to the car as soon as she got here. Dee and I went to his favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner...for me, the food isn't great, but the company was.

Saturday - I ran and then we went to some yard sales. I got some pretty good playroom items and Dee found a few odds and ends. He worked in the yard and went out to that same Chinese food place...with his mom,  and I worked most of the day to complete the last 40 Christmas ornaments. Done at 11 pm!

Sunday - It was a pretty good Sunday. We listened to a young man who is departing for a Church mission to the Dominican Republic. He was a bit on the complaining side from all the "trials" he has had to endure...but one of the great things of serving a mission is the fact that youth in the US learn what real trials are. Dee fought the computer and Family Search for awhile. We went to Mom's to try to fix the house and alarm troubles she was having...werent much help though.

That was pretty much it. I am still itching like crazy and that little stitched incision still has some bleeding. Good Grief! I can't work in the yard, brush the pool, exercise, or anything else...all for an inch superficial skin removal. Allison, Cameo and Amber had actual muscles and ligaments cut, organs rearranged, and I never heard a whimper. I worship at their feet!

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