Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week of December 1-7, 2014

This weeks entries are brief. Monday, after we hiked, we sat down to eat and I was hit with a stomach bug the likes of which I have never experienced. Nausea, aches, chills and total exhaustion. I didn't do what I had planned this week but I did what I could.

Monday - I decorated, Nano came over and wrapped a few gifts, Dee tried to find out about his new position at work, but his dotted line supervisor was in Tulusse, France working on an AirBus problem, so he did his best to work with his suppliers here, and we hiked. As we ate, I got so I couldn't get warm. I took a hot bath, bundled in layers and hit the bed.

Tuesday - Woke up achey and nauseous so I rested on the couch. When I had energy, I would finish decorating the bathroom, wrapped and labeled all the ornaments, and tried...and failed to work on the Christmas poem. Not this year. A sick brain is not a creative brain. Dee attended a temple session since I was just a couch potato and he really couldn't do anything but watch me.

Wednesday - Still sick. Tried to put photos on a border for a Christmas letter. Not feeling it. Dee worked and went to the temple again. I watched the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree on tv and felt lonely. Went to bed early.

Thursday - Woke up not nauseous! I still was achy but I could actually put my clothes on. I finished the decorating, gave up on the Christmas letter entirely and got on to create a photo collage card. It wasn't perfect, but it was done. I addressed all the cards and got them ready to send off.

Friday - I was feeling better today, so I finished up what I could and dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed and mopped. Dee worked all day, getting ready for his new assignment and cleaning up loose ends on the old one. We prepared to go to the temple to do some baptisms, only delayed for a bit by a Honeywell emergency call that needed attention. We were blessed with the delay so we were the only ones at the baptistry, and Dee could perform the baptismal ordinance with me proxying for 15 of his relatives. As it was, the supervisor of the baptistry was Brother Trey Matson, the doctor that delivered Kayty and Nathan. He was so interested in hearing how they were doing, and was so grateful that Nathan served a full time mission and was married in the temple and on his way with his sweetheart. It was really a special feeling to be in a baptismal font again. It had been many years. I truly enjoyed our experience, especially being in our temple.

Saturday - I thought I was all well so I headed out on my jog. I rested at the temple grounds...and realized I was not totally well. I ended up walking exhausted to jog. We worked on Christmas projects, Ethan and Kaylee stopped by to help with our computer, and we headed out to our stake baptism. We were to train the other couple that does our calling on alternated months...and boy was there training. We were prepared for four children...until one bishop had neglected to let the leadership know...and we had seven children being baptized. Rooms for confirmations were switched and switched. Dee did an amazing job remaining in charge and explaining why kids names were omitted from the program. All in all, seven happy kids were baptized and confirmed and it was all good. We shopped, went home and noticed the temple wasn't busy, so we ate, I retyped the program so it could be emailed to all the parents in its correct form, talked to Joshy on the phone about his birthday, and then we attended the last session of the day at the temple. Quiet night of lots of baptismal laundry.

Sunday - Woke up with laryngitis. Ugh! One of my favorites is Christmas Music and singing in the choir at Christmas.

We had a wonderful Fast and Testimony Meeting today with many youth bearing witness of the joy of performing at the Cultural Celebration and doing work at the temple. The kids in our ward are amazing! I croaked my way through Nursery and did my best at choir practice, just to make sure I was familiar with the songs, etc. Dee returned the clean baptismal clothing to the church while I was there.

Afternoon was quiet, preparing for the week ahead. I finished Kaylee's birthday card ...

Dad made a big bowl of popcorn and we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional online. I loved the opening music from Handel's Messiah, "And The Glory Of The Lord" and I squeaked along with my dead voice. The messages and music throughout were beautiful and it closed with my favorite Christmas hymn, "Silent Night".

Our week closed quietly with a call from Morgan and preparing for the week ahead. 

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