Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week of December 15 - 21, 2014

Monday - It was wonderful to wake up and exercise this morning. After signing in Dad to his work computer for the final time in 2014, I proceeded to try and work out the mess at, which led to me trying to get a printer to work, which led to me messing up the printers and now both won't print (Ethan is gonna hate me!). Two hours later...he worked and I finished up projects. We were both working on the final grandchild gift. He finished work at 11:30 and we headed out to drop the jeep off at Discount Tire for a new tire...which turned into three new tires. While it was being worked on, we took my jeep out to Dillon and I bought Dad a new reloader for Christmas. ( Well, he had to pitch in some of the money...I only had 2/3 of it). Back to Discount Tire where the only good tire wasn't so good and so he has four brand new tires (the fourth one was pro-rated and only cost $20) He has NEVER had four new tires EVER! Quite a treat.

Afternoon and evening were spent working on his project, finishing up things with mine. I did manage to get one visiting teaching appointment made with my companion...which is epic! I did my letter writing for one of the sisters, and I was still trying to reach the other. Dad and Nate had a good talk on the phone...he was looking for a Honeywell Internship and the application for that. Kayty worked late.

Tuesday - I attended the first session at the temple. I had errands to run and work to do. I got my list completed...and so did Dad.

We enjoyed a temple session at the end of the day as well.

Wednesday - I began my day at the temple. The first session on Wednesday is beautiful and blessed and a perfect start to my day.

Busy day, full of cleaning and mopping, packing and readying. The weather was cool and rainy...a great nearly winter day.

Visiting teaching appointment was good. Dad worked on completing a Christmas gift and readied the garden and yard for our absence.

We completed our duties in time to attend another temple session in the evening.

Thursday - We finished our final load up and headed out to Vegas.

The trip was those new tires. We had some rain on us here and there, and we stopped at a Chinese buffet in Vegas that Dee likes before we arrived.

Joshy greeted us with a smile...and a "Boo!"

Sammy wasn't too sure...until we applauded him and played patty cake. We became less sketchy then!

Car of block put under the tree and the teeter totter assembled so Joshy could test it.

Stocking bags put in the bedroom safe from Joshy's investigating.

We headed out to a local church hall and got to enjoy Grace's awesome Christmas play. She was the best Reporter One EVER!

We headed home, had dinner,

and let them enjoy their gifts.

We shared a scripture and then a great story about a little girl in Russia and a bell.

Bedtime ended a great and very happy day.

Friday - We woke up and got ready before the kids woke up. It was a chilly night for me and I was glad to get layers of my clothing on.

Building blocks were used over...and over...and over during the day, though the start of the day had to include removing the building block barricade by the front door so Mike could get to work.

We teetered and tottered till I thought my leg muscles would never forgive me. (But oh how much fun it was!)

Our day included:

A piano recital

Watching them build their gingerbread houses

A trip to swing and play volleyball and search for acorns to hit with a tennis racket...and wear off all that sugar...

A sweet phone call from Nathan...Ten hours working a math problem!

And Papa cooked a wonderful yummy Chinese food dinner!

We watched "A Christmas Story", read a neat Christmas story and headed to bed. 

Saturday - We started our day with a scare...Kayty didn't answer our constant wake up calls. Thank heavens for Ethan, who checked and found her merely asleep. We tried to get back to sleep and get a little rest. We were wakened by Adam and then Grace coming out to see us...and then Joshy. Allison joined Mike and then Sam.

We said our goodbye's and headed back. We were so thankful to share Christmas with our beloved little Vegas family. Their home is full of warmth and love and the Spirit of Christ.

Nearly five hours later, we arrived home. Kayty had done the dishes...but that was about it!

Dad took care of the chickens, the garden and the yard.

I did three loads of laundry and cleaned and cooked and vacuumed.

Sunday - We headed to church early so I could be at a choir practice. We had a beautiful Christmas Sacrament Meeting, with a gorgeous violin solo by Brooklyn Edwards, a laurel in our ward, playing "Oh Come Oh Come Immanuel", and then a gorgeous tenor solo by Jordan Bluth. There were other musical numbers, solos, and the choir sang twice. Our bishop closed with his testimony and it was a perfect and spirit-filled meeting. We had a great Sunday School class learning of Daniel and interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's Dream.

After church, we just read scriptures and got ready for the days ahead. I did take some final pics of the house...

 We are making sure that we just enjoy the week ahead. I did as much as I possibly could ahead of time so I could just enjoy...We hope you enjoy your week too! Stay healthy! We are all so very blessed that whether we are in the same room, or in different states, each of you are always part of my heart!

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