Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week of December 22 - 28, 2014

Monday - I h turning off my alarm clock, and since Dee was on vacation, I just exercised and tried my best to get ready for Kaylee and keep quiet. While I went to get her, Dee finished some projects. His mom came by after Kaylee and I got here...and went on a stroll to feed the goat, and then he headed out for shopping.  Kaylee made bell ornaments and got a couple of bell bracelets. Meanwhile, a knock came on the door...and it was Nathan! and Jessica! and Lily!. We had a wonderful afternoon, and Kaylee enjoyed it so much that a nap was not in order! Evening was spent wrapping and cleaning up, while Dee worked on some genealogy his mom had shared with him. He also monitored the pork roasts he had put into the smoker.

Tuesday - Kaylee woke up, we watched Dora, got dressed and headed to our house. She did a Gingerbread Man dot drawing and we decorated sugar cookies.

This time...she enjoyed!

Our day was full of playing outdoors, feeding chickens, running, eating fresh oranges.

Nano came to get the pulled pork Dad had smoked.

Nate was here, working on a project he wants to build, eating some Chinese, attempting a dove hunt (no doves), and Nate moved the wheelbarrows of rocks and mowed the lawn. It sure is nice to have he and Jessica in town!!!

Ethan fixed my printer...It is sure nice that he lives in town...and is very patient with me!

Dad was going to get the last session at the temple, but it was in Spanish, so he just came home and shopped a bit. The missionaries came by and helped Dad with the genealogical information his mom had given him.

Kayty screamed at a television screen..."One Direction" had their own television special.

I was bushed, so I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Christmas Eve - I love jogging at holiday time, and I hadn't done that in awhile, so I headed out. The lights left on were gorgeous!

The BEST light was at the temple. The gates weren't open but I peered through the gates and enjoyed it. Some of my favorite lights were no longer there: the "angel" house had two airless bears in a crumpled pile. They are moving to a smaller house.

Things do change.

I got Kayty up and off to work and did some quiet work around the house.

Kaylee came while Dee, Nate, and Ethan did some target shooting. Kaylee and I played some nativity activities. When Ethan returned, they left for the fish store, and I finished up around the house. Dee did some last minute shopping, and then we were off the Nano's

Dinner was great: pulled pork, Ed's beans, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, Cameo's homemade macaroni and cheese, salad, and all kinds of yummy goodies. We played a Christmas trivia game and some Bingo after dinner. Gift opening and sharing was fun too.

Dee and I stopped on the way home to drive through the luminarias in the neighborhood north of us before coming home and heading to bed. 

Christmas Day - I am writing this as I head to bed for the night. It was the BEST Christmas Day I have had in many many years! It began with a morning jog, and a stop at the Phoenix Temple to just look and enjoy. Everything worked out perfectly and I was able to enjoy time with Ethan and Cam, and with Doran and Amber. Nate and Jess were with us and it was just such a wonderful wonderful day. I was able to enjoy watching kids play and enjoy, watching the opening of gifts, and then have fun at the end of the day when Kayty, Jessica and Nate opened their gifts. Dinner at Dorrie's was yummy chicken Parmesan, pasta, salad, corn and garlic bread. We had fun everywhere we went! There is not one ounce of "wish I would have" and as I said my prayers tonight, I only could express gratitude for the last week of Christmas. I truly will remember this always. Thank you to each of my sweet family for making it possible!

 Friday - Happy Birthday Kaylee!

Kayty and I hit Target sales first thing...very disappointing. Then we stopped at Walgreens...also disappointing.

I made 20 pizza doughs, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and just readied for Saturday. Dad did the same. We also shopped for a new outdoor thermometer for him and visited Dorrie to get a picture of the necklace hanger he had made for her for Christmas.

Our day ended with a session at the temple.

Saturday - Today was birthday party day, and Ethan was here very early to help get things ready. He moved things, blew the leaves, shopped for more wood with Dad and helped make the playground climbing thing more safe. Cam arrived early and did the decorating.

The party was great! Ethan and Cam had prepped all the food, did all the cooking, and I just helped clean up. 11 pizzas were made and Kaylee got many wonderful things, though she just wanted to take her new book from Grandma Liz and take a nap!

Cameo had worked hours, making cupcakes and an adorable Minnie Mouse cake. It was so cute!

Dad and I spent the evening shopping at WalMart who had sales that were not disappointing. Kayty went to karaoke late after work.

Sunday - I couldn't sleep, so I got up and picked up the house a bit and got ready for church. We had a nice Sacrament meeting today and the rest of the time I helped in the nursery. It was crazy since the leader and assistant were both gone, but we managed to keep everyone in the room.

I made and wrote thank you notes. Dorrie brought Dee some divinity, which is his favorite Christmas treat. Kayty enjoyed her ward meetings and after church and dinner, headed out to Game night with LDS friends in Mesa. Dad made sure his garden was nice and warm, since we have had freezing temperatures the past few nights.

It was a great end to a great week and a great holiday. Decorations come down this week and I am ready to set goals and accomplish many things.

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