Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week of January 1, 2015 (December 29, 2014 actual start) - January 4, 2015

Monday - This was a day of work for both of us!

Dad and Wade, Cameo's Dad, worked all day long creating saw horses for dad to use, both with his truck and on other larger projects. They came out nice.

I worked all day long taking down Christmas! I made more trips out to my hut than I care to even count. I ended up getting all trees down and most of the house all put away.

Tuesday - A busy work morning. Dad sanded and painted his saw horses. I finished up taking down decorations, cleaned up the hut, loaded the car with stuff for Deseret Industries, and made the living room look normal...except for the Village.

We ate lunch at Dad's favorite Chinese place, shopped a bit at the 99 Cent Store, worked in the yard, and then enjoyed a mostly full temple session at night.

Wednesday - The rain didn't come yet, so it was surprisingly warm enough to jog. It was nice to stop at the temple and just enjoy for a moment. The nicest thing was seeing parents and teens at 6:18 am there going to perform baptismal work.

Rain was sparse...but we got perhaps one tenth of an inch, but it turned really really cold. Snow was near, though the little flakes didn't fall at our house.

Dee made ribs for dinner. I am not a rib fan, so a salad was my meal. We watched some New Years Rocking Eve show. Kayty screamed at the television screen when "One Direction" performed.

I was doggone tired, and there wasn't much going on, so I was asleep before midnight.

Party animal!

Dad did wish me a Happy New Year...I think!

Kayty went to a single adult party, which she didn't really enjoy...too many people.

Thursday - Happy New Year 2015

It was, again, too cold to run, so I exercised.

Dee made me a new budget spreadsheet for the year, which led to me taking the 2014 receipts and putting them in their envelopes ready for income tax, which led to me going out to the music room and getting rid of receipts for 2000-2007...tons of stuff ready to burn.

No burning on New Years' Day, though the day was crystal clear and very cold.

Ethan, Cameo and Kaylee stopped by for a visit...and to get some birthday party stuff back here.

Dee worked LOTS in the garden: mixing up his minerals, digging and preparing the beds for January planting. 

Friday - Our day started and ended at the temple, though the start was kind of different. We had talked about going to the temple, but I didn't know if it was a definite. I couldn't sleep after 3:35 am, so I got up, exercised and did some quiet tasks, including a trip to WalMart. I heard Dee call at 7 am asking what time it was, and he said he thought we were going to the temple...for the 7:30 session.

So...we hurried and got ready and got into the session! Sure our hair wasn't the best looking but we were there for the first session of 2015!

He worked on the table saw, and the garden, and I cleaned and organized. We lunched at his favorite Chinese place...I said it was his last day of vacation so he could choose. It was too oniony for me and so I didn't eat much.

Nate texted back and forth about duck hunting. He talked about ducks and ice and sending Lily to fetch.

Poor Lily! (He didn't really send her to fetch, though he thought about it.)

We decided that the temple was better than just sitting around in the evening, so we attended the last session of the day there.

Dad talked to Morgan too. He may be coming to Phoenix.

Saturday - I woke up was FREEZING outside. I exercised, did some paperwork and when Dee woke up, we hit a few yard sales. I scored on books!

We returned home and I spent the day cleaning, dusting, laundering, vacuuming, and organizing. Dad and Wade worked on sawhorses for Grandma's birthday present. We picked up garden coffee grounds, helped Wade get his keys out of his locked truck, enjoyed a quick lunch at Subway with Wade, and worked around the house some more.

Evening was spent with a trip to the post office and a trip to Dorrie's to pick up worm castings and compost. ( evening of poop and trash! We old folks live it up, don't we!)

Sunday - This was a first "sleep in" Sunday, since we now go to church at 1pm. I worked on goals that I had set and had a good day at church.

Nathan called and talked shotgun shells and duck hunting. 

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