Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week of January 12 - 18, 2015

Monday - My morning started with a lot of assumptions that proved false.

I got up later than I wanted, did a few exercises, and then did a shortened jog to the temple. I assumed that the rain was over, so I didn't wear my rain windbreaker.

Epic fail as I neared the temple and the rain was coming down....and I had no baggie for my phone. I put it in my hoodie pocket and hoped for the best. I came home resembling a wet rat.

I thought Kayty was doing well...I had checked her over and over. Her hands were in an unusual position, but she was warm.

Epic, epic fail when I was scared out of my mind when I heard her yell and her glucose was low. Dee helped and she drank soda...3 cans...and finally started coming around. This was a massive low and I spent the day pondering what was happening. This is just not like Kayty to have that many lows in a row. As I said my prayers in the evening, I had the impression to check on the effects of sleeping with a heating pad, which she does to stay warm, and insulin. Some opinions suggested the heat increased insulin absorption.

Heating pad back in my bathroom cupboard. My son's life was saved by someone following a prompting. My daughter may have her near life threatening lows by following a prompting

I sure hope so.

I got my day back on track and the day was full of cleaning and dusting and vacuuming and mopping. It felt good to have a clear house and get down to my routine.

Morgan helped by sawing down part of the playground mulberry tree. It had been infested with bumble bee larvae...and huge bumble bees.

Ethan stopped by and helped Morgan and Dad reposition his truck so he can install the motor/transmission.

Tuesday - Happy First Birthday, Kooper and Sam!

The day began with many checks through the night on Kayty...and all was good!

I exercised and took a run. My stop at the temple was wonderful as I saw the temple workers arriving for their shift.

I hurried home, woke Dee, got ready and made it to the first temple session of the day...and week. After a nice session, I ran to WalMart to pick up a few things I needed.

The weather had clouded up and a light rain fell throughout the morning. 

Nano and Kathy stopped by to visit.

I cleaned. Dee had meetings and actually gained further clarity as to his new job responsibilities.

Lots of cleanup was done in the garage...and I was able to get some more things organized.

Dinner, and then Dee and Morgan worked on connecting the transmission and motor.

Dad talked to Nate on the phone...I had fallen asleep...and aparently, it was a neighbor of Nate's that saved him! His wife told Jessica. I am going to write that guy a thank you note!

Wednesday - Happy 22nd Birthday, Nathan!

I got up really early and did some of my exercises before I had to get ready to get to the 6 am temple session. It was a great start to my day.

The day was spent with Morgan helping Dad organize the garage (Dad worked and Morgan checked with him as to location of items.)

I cleaned, did some grocery shopping, and prepared for Pizza Night with the missionaries. Kayty went to work late so she could do inventory late.

Dee went to the temple in the evening and I cleaned up pizza night.

Thursday - Day began with exercise and a temple jog. I started cleaning out cabinets: over the fridge, over the stove, etc. and was relocating some items to the hall medicine closet, when I checked Kayty...she looked "different"... She was warm, so I just checked her glucose...21! Major low! I started getting soda down her...1 can was down when the seizures began. I got Dee to help. Two cans later, she was at 69...then 89. I asked her...after 4 major lows in 7 days...what was different. Then, she said her doctor had increased her insulin!

Epic fail! I told her to stop and to call the dr. (which she did not do) and then I called the doctor myself (I left a message with a name that sounded like a non-Indian woman name) and told them what was happening.

At least I know now what was happening.

I was relocating some small cookbooks, when I looked at the bag on the kitchen table. It was from Uncle Joes Worm Farm.

I assumed it was empty, until I saw what appeared to be excelsior on the table.

Then the excelsior moved...Yep. Massive Worm Excape!

All over my clean tablecloth...and floor. Most had dried up but Dee got the rest to a safer location.

Dee went on his lunch hour to get new car paint and to have lunch with Grandma, Curtis, and Morgan. 

Day was full of cleaning and reorganizing. I got a call from a sister I visit at church and she was available for me to visit, so I headed over there and had a good visit.

Earliest time in the month for my visiting teaching done...ever!

Morgan changed Kayty's brakes and helped her get her television mounted on the shelf and a new dvd player that hooks up to the internet...

I took Kayty to drop off her car to get motor mounts changed, took a load to Deseret Industries, and headed home.

Later, we headed to WalMart for our own DVD player that hooks up to the internet. Morgan got it all situated, amid his complaints about Mac and Apple.

Friday - I got up early and exercised and then headed to Safeway for Five Dollar Friday. That's the day I purchase my paper towels.

Morgan got up on his own and readied for he and Dad to get him to his bus for his trip to Tucson. After a prayer, a hug and a goodbye, I set out to get some work done: mopping, vacuuming.

Woke Kayty up and drove her to work. She enjoyed reading on her phone and the carpool lane we could be in. She discovered she had forgotten her wallet, so I picked her up later in the afternoon to go get her car.

Day was the usual chores. I helped harvest a couple of tomatoes...

Dee has been troubling with some worm thing eating his tomato plants in half, so we searched for diatomaceous pool store number 2...and put that around his plants.

Day ended with a wonderful evening endowment session at the temple.

Saturday - I fought the pillow for a long time. Finally, I decided I felt good and took my three mile jog. It was just awesome to sit at the temple and see people busily going in and out: youth and adults.

We decided not to yard sale today, so Dee worked outdoors: in the garden, painted fenders, sprayed weeds, blew leaves. I dusted, cleaned, laundered, and vacuumed.

In the afternoon, we picked up Dorrie and Nano and headed to Amber and Doran's for Kooper's birthday party.

We found this awesome rocking motorcycle at a Yard Sale...months ago! And it was in my birthday budget!

We dropped grandmas off at their homes.

I got a wonderful surprise in my mailbox.

Thank you Gracie!

Ethan was a hero and fixed my screen on my computer while Cameo, Kaylee and I played.

Talked to Nate a bit on the phone...and texted Jessica. His hands are healing well. She is not feeling too sick...yet.

Sunday - Nice to wake up later, read, and prepare before church. Our meetings were good and we just ate and had a quiet evening NOT watching the Seahawks make it to the Superbowl...blech!

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