Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week of January 19 - 25, 2015

Monday - We went to bed pretty early last night, so it was awesome to feel rested when I woke up. I exercised, got Dee's computer going, picked some spinach and a huge carrot

and prepped them for Kaylee to eat during the week, vacuumed, cleaned, and headed out to get Kaylee. We used circles in our activities today. We made a circle penguin, read a book about Dorothy the penguin who wanted to be different, and even tried the cute penguin gummies that I found at Trader Joes last week.

She was not a fan of the gummies.

Morgan called Dad and was having troubles with his employment, so Dad headed out to pick up his eggshells from The Good Egg, his coffee grounds from Starbucks, and wired money to Tucson for Morgan.

If you wire money IN the United States, there is a ten percent charge. However, if you wire money to Mexico, OUT of the United States, there is only a one percent charge.


I doubt that Western Union is just nice and charges less, so I assume the productive working folk in the US are paying that difference.

Anyway, Dee went to meetings involving his new responsibility and Kaylee and I played, ate snowman sandwich, watched "Daniel", fed the chickens a collard leaf, watered my flowers, swang, rode the ducky and played in the sand.

I made taco soup during her nap.

After Cameo came and went, we took a WalMart trip to get Bondo for Dee's truck.

Tuesday - I slept poorly Monday night, so I slept later and had a quick run in the morning. The spire was not lit when I started.

Sad face. These neighbors find fault with EVERYTHING!

Kaylee and I had a good day. We counted...marbles, play dough snow balls, everything. Ethan came and they went to the fish store.

After I fed dinner and started to clean up, we decided Morgan was stranded in Tucson, so we headed down...after 7 pick him up.

Found him, and returned at nearly midnight...way after my bedtime.

Two nights with little!

Wednesday - I pulled myself out of bed, exercised, got the house running and madly did the chores I missed last night. I picked up Kaylee and we set out on our day of colors: playing with Lego-like blocks, doing a dot painting of a snowman - which she enlisted Morgan to assist her in. We had a fun story time at the library and then hand lunch, a good nap, lots of outdoor play and Mommy came.

Dad went to the temple in the evening and I did lots of missed chores: trash out from back yard, pureed the eggshells, vacuumed, laundered.

Blessed Bed at a decent time!

Thursday - It was a cold and windy morning (quit laughing, Nate and Jess) and so jogging was out. Plus, I still hadn't recovered from two nights of little sleep. I exercised, got Dad up and going, vacuumed and prepared for Kaylee and then went over to pick her up. We had a good morning, playing with magnetic letters, stamping a "k" and gluing candy hearts on a "k". (She tried a candy heart and promptly spit it out, so there was no difficulty gluing this time). We played mostly indoors till the end of the day.

Morgan and Dad decided to cut the rest of the mulberry tree in the playground down. I had requested it be done when Kaylee's week was over, but they were anxious, so they did it...and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out the playground so Kaylee could play. Kayty even joined Kaylee in some sand play.

Ethan came and they went on home, and after dinner, Dad went to the temple and I spent the evening mopping, doing laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning.

Friday- I picked up Kaylee and after she had some yogurt we went to the library for story time. Many many more kids today, so it wasn't as comfortable for her. She did like bubble time...though she didn't get to catch any...too many kids!

We played outdoors: sand, swing. Papa squeezed her some fresh orange juice which she loved.

Dee left for a daily meeting and dropped of Morgan to seek a job.

Kaylee took a good nap and loved it when Daddy came to pick her up.

Saturday - I hadn't been to the temple all week, so my day started with the 6 am session. It was so nice to start my day there! I even saw a friend from high school working in the temple.

Nothing nicer!

I came home to Dee trying to give Morgan a haircut. His hair is just doggone hard to cut.... I always had a hard time when he was a kid. At least it's Dad's fault this time. Dee had planned to paint truck fenders, but it was very very windy all day, so painting was cancelled.

Our ward friend, Julie B. came over to lend us a sprinkler that automatically turns on when a bird comes (motion sensor) to keep nasty critters from eating tomatoes. She also shared her grandmother's whale tooth collection with us. Her grandmother would carve images into the teeth and sell them. She lived on the east coast and they were easy to find. Now, it is illegal to trade in whale teeth (ivory) so she can't sell them to someone who really values such a treasure. She did give Dee one, which he was thrilled about.

Ethan and Kaylee came by to pick up Morgan. Ethan needed help getting some things to the dump.

We went to a few yard sales. Nothing interested me. Dad ended up with a new chainsaw blade and some free wood for future Christmas gifts for grandkids. Maple!

We also caught up on shopping: 99 cent store for radishes and cauliflower, Lowe's for drip system emitters, and he got some of his favorite fried chicken from Albertsons. I cleaned, dusted, laundered, vacuumed, and scrubbed a bathroom. I also picked a ton of garden lettuce. He has some red romaine lettuce that is starting to bolt (it grows tall to put out seeds...and changes the flavor of the lettuce to bitter...blech) I won't be touching that!

Kayty had a BAD day at work. Two hours trying to satisfy a customer, and she ended up loosing 180 dollars. She applied for some new jobs and spent the evening at karaoke with friends.

Morgan hadn't really stayed in contact, but seems to have ended up at an old friend's house. He got home, ate, and went to bed really early.

Sunday - I check Kayty all night...and Dee does too. I checked and it didn't seem right. I gave her a little soda, but she was awake enough to eat glucose tablets, so we talked and she chewed. I got her from a blood glucose of 49 (its amazing to me how well she can function at so low a glucose) to 96 and let her sleep.

Morning was spent reading scriptures and preparing for church. We had a good meeting, with the missionaries speaking. Our Young Women sang a beautiful song. We only have about a dozen young women, but they sounded great. I went to choir practice, and as soon as I got home and ate a few crackers, we headed out to Dee's Uncle Larry's visitation. We brought Grandma with us and we saw Uncle Tommy, Aunt Betty, lots of cousins and even Dee's prom date. ( I do, in fact, look MUCH younger that she does!!)

Here is Uncle Larry's Obituary
Lawrence Michael Wetzel
On January 15, 2015, Lawrence Michael Wetzel was called home to our Heavenly Father long before his family was ready for him to depart. He was born on December 19, 1925 in Helmetta, New Jersey to Lawrence and Jenny Marie Wetzel (Witkowski). Born into an era of hardship and unfaltering loyalty to family, Lawrence worked hard at everything he did from childhood on, always wanting to make his family proud of him. Working from the time he was 11 years old as a caddy for a dollar a day and getting up in the pitch-dark, cold of winter to ride his bicycle for a 5:00 am before-school bakery job made him determined to excel at everything in life…all for the betterment of his family. As a straight A student at Jamesburg High he was inducted into the National Honor Society. He moved to Arizona in 1943 with his parents and younger brother and sister. He graduated as valedictorian from Phoenix Union High School and enlisted just prior to graduation in the United States Army Air Force. He served honorably, attaining the rank of Sergeant and trained as a Radio Operator, Mechanic Gunner and B-17 Bomber Crew. These experiences fueled his lifelong love of airplanes, engines and all things mechanical. In 1947 he received his private pilot's license. He returned to civilian life while remaining in the Army Air Force Reserves. During this time he worked at Allison Steel as a Layout Man and Blueprint Reader and as an installer with Western Electric. His real dream was realized when he joined the Phoenix Police Department in July of 1948. His badge was #121. This was a time of immense growth and change in the Valley. His career mirrored this growth as he rose through the ranks even though he was called back to active duty briefly in 1950 when the Korean War broke out. Upon reinstatement to the Department as a Patrolman, he was in the Traffic Division, making Detective in 1955, Sergeant in 1956, first in the Traffic Division and later in the Patrol Division. While in the Patrol Division he was promoted to Lieutenant, spending years as Shift Commander prior to making Captain in 1961. He served as Assistant Police Chief for four years beginning in 1964 and making Chief of Police in 1968. Among notable and historical changes for the Department, as well as for the United States, was the Miranda Decision which was passed in 1966. This Supreme Court Decision dramatically impacted the manner in which arrests and investigations were conducted and Chief Wetzel's leadership was instrumental in adherence and implementation of policy and procedural changes. Chief Wetzel attained many academic and professional certifications, degrees, awards and leadership commendations. He was most proud of having completed the year-long Traffic Police Administration Training Program at Northwestern University Traffic Institute in Evanston, Illinois. He retired from the Phoenix Police Department in 1980 and joined the Arizona Corporation Commission as Director of Interstate Transportation. In 1985 he was appointed Chief of Security for the Arizona Republic. He left a legacy of leadership, loyalty, dedication to public service while always respecting the people he served. He was a man of highest integrity. However his greatest accomplishment in life was his family. If ever there were two hearts beating as one for nearly seven decades, it was with his beautiful, loving and caring wife, Betty Ann (Rice). Together they built another legacy of family always coming first and love being defined as loyalty, sacrifice and commitment. In addition to his wife, he is survived by son, Michael Thomas Wetzel; daughter, Laura Lou Wetzel Bessler. He is predeceased by his younger son, Stephen Lawrence Wetzel. He is "Papa" to 17 amazing grandchildren and 19 beautiful great-grandchildren. He was the heart of our family and we will miss his smile, his great big hugs, his incredibly funny one-liners, his sage advice, his patience, understanding and profound wisdom. He was an amazing man and we are all blessed to have had him for our community leader, husband, father, grandfather and friend. In lieu of flowers, donations made be made to Fallen Police Officers Memorial Fund, 100 Club of Arizona 5033 North 19th Avenue #123, Phoenix, AZ 85015. Family and Friends are invited to attend a Visitation from 6-8pm Sunday, January 25, 2015, with a Rosary at 7pm at Heritage Funeral Chapel, 6830 W Thunderbird Rd, Peoria. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10 am Monday, January 26, 2015 at St Paul Roman Catholic Church, 330 West Coral Gables Dr, Phoenix. Committal to follow at Holy Redeemer Cemetery, 23015 N. Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix.

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