Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of January 5 -11, 2015

Monday - Dee;s first day of his new responsibility at work...and the boss was out of town, so he worked on the garden, trained his replacement and got a lot done.

Kaylee and I played outdoors, dot dot painted a calendar, threw balls, fed the chickens and swing.

Tuesday - Dad had a long morning meeting fore the howl team worldwide...which gave him no idea as to what he was supposed to do. He worked around there and trained his replacement again.

Kaylee and I worked with counting links and snow play dough. She wasn't too interested in the outdoors till later in the day, so we played in the house. she found a tiny pink plastic dog here, and pretended...and pretended.

Who knew?

I did a clean up before bed.

Wednesday - Happy Birthday Cameo!

Kaylee arrived and Cameo said Ethan was so sick with a stomach bug that he came back home from work...first time in nearly ten years! They had planned dinner out weeks ago, but she wasn't sure how he would feel.

Dee's day was still training his replacement, since his meeting for his new position was postponed till the next day. He traveled to a supplier and got paint, primer and other stuff for his truck.

Kaylee and I played and did a snowman dot picture. When she was ready to eat, the inspiration came to make a snowman sandwich, pb and J with two separate sandwich maker sizes for the head and body, string cheese for the scarf and a granola bar for the hat...and the requisite chocolate chips for his eyes and mouth.

We went to story time at the library, which she was pretty unsure of since it was a new group in a new room, so she stayed pretty close to Grammy. She napped, the missionaries came by, she ate spaghetti and three helpings of spinach salad for dinner, Dee went to the temple and she and I played until Cam and Ethan came. He did go to dinner, but only managed the salad.

Thursday - The day started as usual, with exercise and morning preparations.

Dee helped his replacement...again. He actually had a meeting with his new responsibility and got a couple of part numbers to research and meet with people. He worked on his garden and painted the inner fenders of his truck. He also talked with Nathan on the phone about some work truck problems he was having, and he later worked out a bus ticket from Tucson for Morgan.

For Kaylee and I, it was a good day. We did some snowman counting activities, she ate the head of another snowman sandwich, and we took a walk and fed our goat friend. He was very happy, and she liked that he licked her hand when he was getting the granola bar piece out of it.

Ethan came pretty early, so after dinner, we decided to head to the temple and do some baptismal work. It was a lovely end to the day.

Friday - I began with a few exercises and a jog. I stopped at the temple to enjoy the beauty of the illuminated spire against the night sky. It was nice to still see a few houses decorated for Christmas. I stopped for a moment at the last house, knowing that those lights will probably come down this weekend. My favorite running mornings are when Christmas lights go up.

And then...a day of tender mercies, great blessings, and answered prayer!

I checked on Kayty when I returned. She had fallen out of bed and was cold and clammy.

Yep..low glucose. It took only one can of soda and some glucose tablets to get her all right.

Kaylee liked her snowman doughnuts...

did a few activities using mittens, and then the thought came to mind to cut out mittens from paper and let her glue dots on them.

The Lord is mindful of ALL things.

As she napped, I got a call...Nate on Jessica's phone. Something about a lost duck....a lost boot.....sinking and a man stopping to help...and Jessica taking him to urgent care.

Turns out, Nate was duck hunting...alone. He had shot a duck and was trying to retrieve it. It had been a lot of walking and maneuvering, during which he lost a boot (he was wearing waders). He got near, and fell through the ice. Other ice was only a few feet deep, but this was over 6 feet deep. He sank...his waders filled...and he could only hold on to the edge. He yelled for help.

A blessed and wonderful man got the impression that he needed to check some equipment and heard his cries and got him out!

He saved Nate's life.

The thought immediately came to mind from a conference talk by Thomas S. Monson

"...the Lord’s purposes are often accomplished as we pay heed to the guidance of the Spirit. I believe that the more we act upon the inspiration and impressions which come to us, the more the Lord will entrust to us His errands.

I have learned, as I have mentioned in previous messages, never to postpone a prompting."
How very thankful I am that a sweet and wonderful hero didn't postpone a prompting.

Dee picked up Morgan at the Greyhound Bus depot. They had a Chinese lunch.

Ethan, Cam, Kaylee and Morgan went to Flagstaff.

I started taking down the Winter Village.

My every morning and every night prayers include every single person in my family by name.... I am
so thankful that my Heavenly Father answers my prayers!!!

Saturday - I woke up and went to get Kayty up early for a Bridal Show she had to work at.

She was seizureing...Low again.

Two cans of soda and some glucose tablets and she was all good. I am sure this is all with the new doctor and her trying to get things in more control...

My hair is white!

I spent most of the whole day...except for hitting a few yard sales...a trip to pick up coffee grounds for Dee's garden and a Home Depot outing...putting away my Winter Village. Every time I do all this work, I really wonder WHY I am doing all this.

And then ten months pass...and I forget...and do it all again.

As I finished, Amber called. Their babysitter had cancelled, so Kelsie and Kooper came here to play. We headed to McDonalds.

It was fun...until Kooper and a french fry texture did not agree.

I was wearing Kooper's last feeding all over me. I changed him in the back of the jeep...he was NOT a fan. He did forgive me, and when we got home, Ethan, Cam, Kaylee and Morgan were here from their snow trip. I took a quick bath and the kids played for a bit.

Doran and Amber weren't too late and Kooper finally smiled. He loves his Mommy and Daddy!

Kayty's day at the bridal show was fun, and she ended her day at karaoke. 

Sunday - Dee asked me when Kayty needed to be 6:30 am (my only day to sleep in!) She didn't need to be up till after 7, but I was up from then on.

Church was good, and before I headed to nursery, we learned of a new After church, I signed up to sew premie clothing.

We got a call from Nathan and Jessica...they are having a BABY!!!!

Great end to a blessed week.

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