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Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

Nano's Family Christmas   Sunday, December 20, 2015
We met at Nano's at 5 pm. In attendance were Ethan, Cam and Kaylee, Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper, Kayty, Nathan, Jessica and Annalee, Dad, Mom, Wade, Liz, James and Jade.

We dined on pulled pork sandwiches, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey dressing, Ed's Beans, Cameo's macaroni and cheese, macaroni salad, carrots, and Liz's lemon bars, Jade's peanut butter blossoms, and Cam's rice krispie treats. After dinner, Dad read one of Nano's Christmas stories and we exchanged gifts.

Food was then shared and everyone was on the road by 8:15 pm. Thank you Nano!

Christmas Eve
For Dad and I, this was the first Christmas Eve in 35 years that we didn't have a ton of things to do. I did my house cleaning. I took a few "before" pictures of the house
I put up the last ornament on the tree...and the first...and the twenty first. In fact, I put up every single one! I did count myself fortunate, though, that Kayty didn't snatch the one from the final pocket and hold it hostage, like she usually does.

Dad and I went to his favorite place for lunch - New Asian Kitchen -, shopped at his favorite store: Cabella's. Kayty came home from working all day and made some rearrangements in her room to make homes for her new shoes.

She went out to see Star Wars, and we settled down to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" on tv. The doorbell rang, and our bishop and his wife stopped by, delivering some homemade salsa. We started watching again, and Morgan rang the doorbell. We fed him pulled pork sandwiches, the rest of Ed's beans, and talked for awhile. He shared pictures from his job/trip. He saw traveled through numerous states, visited Gettysburg, the Statue of Liberty, Stephen King's Home and had his picture taken at a lighthouse that is the most northern point in the Continental United States!! It was amazing because of this El Nino weather, it was beautiful and green back East. After Morgan headed home, we spent the rest of the evening watching  one of Dad's Western Movies that got very long and when we finally turned it off, we realized it was too late to see the luminarias that are put up every year in the neighborhood north of us and I have only seen when many are out. I was pretty sad, but then I realized that the old saying "Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail" was so true. Next year, we plan things for Christmas Eve, allowing for wonderful drop in visitors. 

Amber posted this pic of their family on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day

Dad and I opened our gifts first, as we were up early.

Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper
Our first stop was at Doran and Amber's House. Santa knew that Kelsie and Kooper had been awesome this year, so he brought them each a gift. We shared our gifts.
From Santa

Gift from Mommy and Doran

We received a Monkey Bread Mix that brought back memories of the days with Monkey Bread on Christmas Morning! Dad has already enjoyed one of the bottles of hot sauce!

We came home for a reload and Kayty was awake, so we let her open a couple of gifts before we headed out.

Later that night after Grandma's dinner, she finished opening the rest of her stuff

Ethan, Cameo and Kaylee
We loaded up after Kayty's first two gifts and went to Ethan and Cameo's. Papa had made the requested easel,

and they opened their gifts and stocking gifts.

Dad received sugar crystals which will be exchanged for the real crystal ordered from China (we were actually bidding on it as well on Ebay!), a tap set, a new toilet seat that will accomodate smaller bottoms.

They purchased a new village house for me IN DISNEYLAND!

 also received some wonderful photos and Dad and I now are cool folk with a new IPad.

We headed to Grandma's house for Christmas dinner.

Morgan took his stocking bag home with him on Christmas Eve to enjoy on Christmas Day. He received a hunt/fish license as his main gift. 

Dinner was chicken Parmesan, pasta, corn, salad, and cheesy garlic bread, plus loads of desserts, divinity, cookies and a super delicious layered fudge/ chocolate pudding cake dessert. It tasted amazing!

This sweet lady cares for Kelsie and Kooper when school is out and regular sitters are off. She had no one to eat Christmas dinner with, and Amber thoughtfully asked if there was room for one more. She was delightful and it was great to make a new friend!

After dinner, we let the food settle, either indoors, or outdoors. It had gotten quite chilly and the sun fooled you. Dads and Littles walked to see animals, and even conned Grammy into jumping into some leaves...

Dee added three kings to the nativity he made a few years ago. Olive wood.

We all opened gifts from Grandma (one of which included a new nativity for me), from Nathan and Jessica (I received a portrait of their little family in front of the Christmas tree, and a beautiful blue treasure box, with Annalee's footprint on the bottom and picture in the lid, and pearl necklace and earrings sitting in a pink seashell inside. They got Dad his own powder scale since Nathan will need to take his back to Idaho when they return home.

Nathan, Jessica and Annalee
We left Grandma's with everyone and returned home. It was Nate, Jess, and sleeping Annalee's turn for their gifts.

Christmas Night
It had been a great day! A few bumps along the way...but those things happen in big families, and all was worked out. We sat by the tree one more time. We talked about the stockings this year. Stockings begin on December 26 with Grammy hitting the day after Christmas sales. We watch at stores, at yard sales, and we gather the things we think will be enjoyed. We are thankful for requests, hints, and secret desires shared with us. We missed our Vegas family, but were so sure they were having a great day we didn't want to bother them. One more picture...

And I really don't dare show you these...Gifts (Christmas from Dad and Ethan and Cam, and my birthday money). With all the styrofoam Nate got for me, there will be glass blocks and second levels added to other portions next year. Plans are already underway.

It was a beautiful holiday. Some things were different, but no matter. The most wonderful thing is sharing the celebrations of the birth of Jesus Christ with the most important people in the world...our family.  Thank you all for your individual role in making this another beautiful holiday! You ALL (Dad, Grandma, Nano, Allison, Mike, Adam, Grace, Josh, Sam, Ethan, Cameo, Kaylee, Doran, Amber, Kelsie, Kooper, Morgan, Kayty, Nathan, Jessica and Annalee) made this season wonderful!!

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