Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week of December 21 - 27, 2015

My ponderize scripture for the week is found in Doctrine and Covenants 66: 2
"Verily I say unto you, blessed are you for receiving mine everlasting covenant, even the fulness of my gospel, sent forth unto the children of men, that they might have life and be made partakers of the glories which are to be revealed in the last days, as it was written by the prophets and apostles in days of old."

Dad attended the temple session on Wednesday evening and afterward, had an enjoyable visit with President Gilliland. It is just such a blessing to have a temple president that is so visible. There has not been an early Wednesday morning that a member of the presidency has not greeted me and held the door for me as I have arrived. They are wonderful men, and their wives serve alongside them and are wonderful as well.

The January Ensign Magazine arrived and that was my scripture reading as soon as it came. I also am on Mosiah 19. Dad continues reading the Book of Mormon and has been thoroughly enjoying reading The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt.

My total number of names/records indexed in 2015 was 7121. I started with a much smaller goal, and then just kept adding. What was amazing to me was that, as I worked on so many hand written records, the previously scribble-looking names would become easier and easier as I indexed each record. I feel truly blessed to witness the Lord's hand in making these records digitally available to any who want to seek information about their ancestors. 

The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins family has been enjoying their time off school. Their home teacher treated them to a Polar Express train ride. Christmas was wonderful...until a stomach bug took some of them out for a time. Oh, the joys of Christmas! Hope all feel better and get to enjoy their time together this week.

The Ethan Rice Family
 Ethan, Cameo, and Kaylee planned to attend a Living Nativity after work on Monday, but Kaylee fell asleep as soon as she drove away from Grammy's house, and wouldn't wake up. Christmas was wonderful for this family as well. Saturday, Kaylee's third birthday was celebrated with a very special trip. They headed to Flagstaff on Christmas night and stayed in a cabin.

They had breakfast, headed to frosty cold Snow Bowl, and skied on Saturday,

Pretty awesome 3rd birthday, huh!

 They rode the Polar Express on the Grand Canyon Railroad. Later, she told her mommy that "It was the best birthday ever!" I surely bet it was!

Sunday night, Ethan called and we Facetimed and I saw Kaylee open her last few stocking gifts. Thank you so much, Ethan!!

The Doran Rice Family
It was a busy few work days for Amber and Doran. They had a new dog find their safe home on Wednesday night, so their canine total is now 7. I saw these on Facebook on Christmas Eve
Amber had a pet adoption event on Saturday, so the rest of the family just recovered from all the fun!

Morgan worked moving things this week. It was nice to see him on Christmas Eve and have him with us on Christmas Day.

 Kayty headed to another viewing of Star Wars on Monday. She likes it more and more each time she sees it. I am glad she has told us a lot so we won't mind waiting till the DVD is released.
And again

She got MORE shoes! I cannot figure out this girl!
 She enjoyed her Christmas gifts. Now, don't think I had any clue what this stuff was. I told her to fill my Amazon shopping cart with things she wanted and I would select according to budget and then take the rest out of my card.

My saving score for this week was 4. We are trying to figure out what is going on with her glucose levels and why she keeps going low in the early morning hours. I am so grateful for thoughts. On Sunday, I just thought I should see if she was working, and she sat up and said she was, but couldn't tell me what time. I checked her glucose...50! She was conscious enough to eat Tootsies, but I grabbed the soda anyway. Thank goodness for that prompting as well, because seizures started. I was getting her to drink and she was chewing tootsie rolls. The seizures would come and go, and it was hard to figure if her glucose was high enough to just let her eat...and then I made a face and she had that glare at me, so I knew she was ok. I have learned that promptings from the Lord are not always clear, but if you feel like you should, or an idea pops into your mind...act on it! Never postpone a prompting!

The Nathan Rice Family
 Nate was here for hours on Monday afternoon/evening, fixed the machinery that wasn't working and cutting properly, and got new wood cut and laminated ready for more work on it.He and Annalee were here on Tuesday and he got much of his project done.

 Lots of sanding completed it on Wednesday night.

To think this was a log a few days ago!

The Hudson Family celebrated their Christmas on Christmas Eve with a standing rib roast and other wonderful food, and family.

The day after Christmas, he was an awesome help to Dad with the truck. It was cold and windy but he still has some of that Idaho blood in him and worked and climbed in the attic and located parts that had been painted and stored a long time ago. He and dad also picked up quite a bit of brass in the desert that they can reload for future target shooting.

Nathan, Jessica and Annalee came by on Sunday night and we watched "The Sound of Music" and ate some fresh homemade cookies. It was an awesome "Birthday in December" for me!

 Dad had to put in for his last weeks of vacation. He then spent time completing the only woodworking projects for the year. Ethan requested Kaylee's Christmas money be used to build an easel...

And an addition to the nativity he made for Grandma a couple of years ago
Nathan polished the brass "crowns" dad had machined. These were made from an olive wood log that Nate also helped chainsaw down to usable size.

Kaylee and I spent hours and hours outdoors this week.

She did decorate a Christmas tree.

We tried a Polar Express activity on Tuesday:

decorating a liner for a hot chocolate cup
painting a train bank

We read "Mortimer's Christmas Manger", colored our own mouse ears, played with the nativity and made straw for Baby Jesus on Wednesday.

We spent hours all week just playing outdoors: kicking the beach ball, sliding, swinging, running, jumping, strolling to look at the neighbors' Christmas decorations and enjoying cloudy and cool weather!

Dad's Truck
Dad got time on Thursday to work on attaching the rubber pieces to the fender wells. He needed more screws, so we headed out Saturday to pick those up. With Nate's help, he got a lot done.
Dad's Garden
We had mild weather and a few sprinkles so his garden enjoyed the week. We looked at the covered tomato plants and decided that, since the tops of the plants froze a week ago, and he is near Spring planting, no further efforts would be given to these tomatoes. Sometimes, it's just more sensible to start new. He continues to pick and eat turnips and we have still more key limes to squeeze. Tangerines have been very good and the oranges are just about getting ready to taste yummy.

Other Highlights
 Wade and Dad FINISHED my hut expansion Monday. All roofed, caulked and sealed up. It will be refilled with Christmas decorations beginning December 26, and my village will fill up the new area the next week off.

 Dad, Nate and Jessica went target shooting on Saturday morning. Jessica wanted to become more comfortable with her gun, and Dad and Nate were having fun...and picking up other shooters' brass to reload. They worked on Dad's truck

And went back at the end of the day for more brass.

I hit the stores early for day after Christmas shopping. Lots of walking back and forth to price scanners for checking. Irritating WalMart with NO cashiers working while three supervisors stand at their little desk on wheels chatting.

Not so highlights
I don't know if it's not such a "not so highlight" , but Nate and Dad complained everytime they came in the house on Saturday, since the Christmas decorations began to come down. Its a TON of work and takes quite awhile, so I must do it on my week off. Anyway,  i am not taking down the village for a couple of weeks, so there will be something to enjoy.

Beau has been having troubles the last few weeks. We thought it might be an injury. He seemed better, but stopped eating. Not so sure how long he will last. He is an older dog. 

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