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Week of December 7 - 13, 2015



My ponderize scripture for the week is found in Doctrine and Covenants 136:32-33
"Let him that is ignorant learn wisdom by humbling himself and calling upon the Lord his God, that his eyes may be opened that he may see, and his ears opened that he may hear;
For my Spirit is sent forth into the world to enlighten the humble and contrite."
I took time to ponder this on Sunday morning, and I realized that the Spirit, the Holy Ghost, whispers to each of us here on earth, from the child to the harshest person, and all anyone needs to do for guidance is to open their eyes and ears and listen to the guidance given. Pretty neat.

Temple is still on shut down this week. It will open again next Tuesday morning.

I have indexed 6641 records so far this year.

In scripture reading, I am currently starting the Book of Enos in the Book of Mormon. Dad completed reading the Book of Mormon on Saturday night.

Dad had one home teaching appointment on Sunday night and had a great visit with the Barton family.

I got these all addressed and mailed...120 of them!!

The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins had a typical busy week which included a two hour visit to the orthopedic surgeon for a new cast on Adam. Allison was sure she needed a reward after keeping kids happy for that long!

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan and Cameo had a busy work week. Ethan is preparing for a business trip to Atlanta. Cameo was by after work on Thursday to make Ethan's birthday cake frosting.
They went to see Santa at the mall on Saturday night. Kaylee told him what she wanted and sat great for the picture...and then realized she was sitting on a lap she wasn't too familiar with and was done with the whole thing!

He, Dad and Nate tried duck hunting, and Ethan ended up with a couple of doves (in season, so all legal), which he gave an anatomy lesson to Kaylee as she watched him clean them.

We celebrated his birthday with cake and ice cream and a movie on Saturday night.
This is Ethan and Cameo's house...Absolutely beautiful!!!

Happy Birthday, Ethan!!!!

He had a business training trip and flew to Atlanta Sunday morning.
We received a text before church on Sunday from Cameo and we went right after church to share some of her yummy Tomato Elk Steak. It was awesome!! Thank you Cameo and Kaylee!!

The Doran Rice Family
Work kept this family very busy this week. Kelsie spent the weekend with her Grammy and aunt and Doran, Amber and Kooper were busy shopping and wrapping. Kooper is a great secret keeper right now.
These girls and their friendship go back to when Kelsie was a little baby
We heard that Morgan is moving someone to Maine this week. (What is it about so many moving from Phoenix to Winter???) Anyway, he will be away all next week. He ended up coming by to get his ID late Saturday night so he could fly home.

Kayty went to the doctor on Tuesday because her hand was hurting. She ended up getting a new cast till the end of the year.
She attended the Men's Wearhouse Christmas Party on Thursday night.

She played the piano on Saturday night...a treat we haven't had for quite awhile..

 Sunday she had to work and after work, she went to have fun singing with some friends from the ward. Makes me so happy!!

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan was by on Tuesday and Wednesday to repair Jessica's broken violin. Jess came by on Thursday to pick up a couple of baby toys to see if they keep Annalee happier. She is getting to that wonderful and challenging "I'm bored" stage. Nate is done working on his truck for awhile and is just working and tying up loose ends before they return to Idaho. He will pack their car to the brim and drive up to Idaho first, get moved in and settled, and then Jess and Annalee will fly up. He had a good time hunting...and since he was the youngest, he got to wade out and get the decoys. Unfortunately, the water was deeper than his waders, so he got a bit wet. Being the youngest ain't always great.We had a wonderful visit Sunday night. I got to snuggle and hug and smile and giggle and laugh with sweet Annalee and we had such a good time. I am so going to miss Sunday night visits...though we will just have to figure out how to phone visit while they are in Idaho.

Dad was off furlough and vacation. He started the day with 264  emails.

It really wasn't too difficult to get through all of them. After all, the entire company was furloughed last week. Tuesday involved lots of meetings and a special supplier visit for a problem that wasn't really a problem at all.He spent most of Wednesday and Thursday in meetings and made a visit or two again. Furlough for everyone doubled meetings this week.Friday was full of meetings and a long visit. He will end up working on things not completed during his vacation time. I think Honeywell plotted it that way. Absolutely no work on furlough, and then work through your vacation time on things you must, but could not, complete.

Kaylee came and we tried some Christmas activities this week.
We worked with handprints and made a wreath and an ornament.

We said the nursery rhymes "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Star Light Star Bright" and made a Christmas countdown chart stapling paper chains. She was sure that thing was a kite! She had fun with a few m &ms

We ate reindeer doughnuts and looked at reindeer pudding,

Made a reindeer from her hands and foot

made a candy cane bead ornament

I was fortunate because I had way too much to do for a big kid, much less a little one. I randomly gather stuff for months, putting things in folders, and then separate out into days about a month before needed. I never paid attention that Santa - Candy Cane - Reindeer would be days on their own. Since it was Tuesday, she was more interested and it worked out. We didn't get the counting cards and matching games done but that was all good.

We talked about baby Jesus and read The Birds of Bethlehem by Tommie dePaola on Wednesday. There were felt birds to put on the board as we read. We attempted a "simple" wax and tissue paper bird to put in the window.

She liked the bell activities on Thursday, as well as playing with her old favorite pom poms. She got the hang of using the kiddie chopsticks this time and was doing well picking up the red, green and white pom poms.

She had fun making a bell necklace with beads...

Painting a stocking ornament...

 She helped pick up key limes and Papa made some yummy limeade for her to enjoy. 

She also painted a bit...

She helped Mommy make Daddy's birthday cake frosting at our house. She pronounced it tasty, until the second bite with coconut and pecans in it. Very few two year olds appreciate the deliciousness of Germann Chocolate cake and frosting.

We decided to go to Jumpstreet on Friday. I had never been, though Kaylee had been with Grandma Liza and Grampy Wally so she showed me exactly what to do. There weren't many kids there, so it wasn't as fun as it could have been but she enjoyed herself.
We did a couple of gingerbread man activities, including reading the book about that crazy escaping Gingerbread boy. She iced these...and added PLENTY of sprinkles, because you just cannot have too many sprinkles...

The weather was beautiful and that made for sandbox, sliding, swinging, strolling, and other beautiful weather outside fun! The best part is that Daddy comes to pick her up and she gets to climb on the big tire, slide down the fireman pole, and go way higher on the swing than any Grammy would push her. Love love love Daddy's earlier time off work!!!

Dad's Truck
Dad picked up his new driveshaft and got it all installed on Wednesday.

He ordered his new radiator on Thursday. Came on Saturday.

Dad's Garden

 Other Highlights
I love jogging to beautiful Christmas lights this time of year! I ran two different routes and enjoyed lots of beautiful homes and trees lit in windows!

We had a little rain on Friday night. Dad said it came down pretty good for a bit. I was asleep!
This storm is bringing really cold weather and lots of snow up in Northern Arizona. I am SO thankful Adam and Grace's play was last weekend, when we had beautiful weather the entire trip!

The highlight was the Dad, Ethan and Nate tried duck hunting early Saturday morning.  The not so highlight was no ducks.

Not So Highlights
Things went pretty well this week, though I am a wimp and am not a fan of the cold weather.

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