Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week of June 11 - 17, 2017


We had a lovely Sunday. I had a cub scout committee meeting early in the morning. Sacrament Meeting included many wonderful speakers and a lovely cello solo.

Dad home taught one family on Sunday and the other two families on Thursday. He attended his regular Wednesday night temple session.

I used my scout free time on Wednesday to write a letter to my inmate sister, Jessica, as well as a letter to one sister I visit teach in our ward via letter.

I am in Helaman 10 in my Book of Mormon Reading. I also completed reading the June Ensign magazine this week.

I have indexed 18324 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins Family enjoyed their Saturday night and Sunday visiting with the Wilkins family.They were able to see lots of family, meet 3 new baby cousins, and even some spent the night there.

On Monday, we enjoyed having them here...swimming...

ate some yummy pizza...

and had great fun!

I am so thankful I could see them. I hadn't seen Allison, Mike and the kids since before Christmas, so it was an absolute joy!!
They headed up to Flagstaff to show the kids where their early married years were spent, where Grace was born, and where Adam spent his early years.
and then to the Grand Canyon...
Once, home, Grace had a mishap with a broken picture frame glass and her arm...
Three shots to numb...three stitches to close. And it seems Grace's saddest part of all this was that school was out so she couldn't show anyone what had happened.

The Ethan Rice Family
Little Mr. Wade is doing quite well. As per Cameo's Monday Facebook post:
"Tonight our 6 month old crawls over to a laundry basket full of clothes, uses the top of the basket to pull himself up into a standing position, and stands there. He then realized what he did and got scared. So proud of him. He is and has always has been very strong. So in love with this little guy 😍 ... Is it just me, or does his development seem to be happening so quickly? 4 years ago today, Kaylee began sitting. She was almost 6 months old. Wade was doing that on his own at 4 months 😳 I am sure all kids just grow and develop at their own pace. 😊😢 It's bittersweet."
 I saw the video of him doing it again!! He is really on the move.
They are so enjoying Grampy Wade out visiting!!
The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber had a good work week and they went camping for the weekend with Amber's employer.

The Morgan Rice Family
Morgan and Christy are doing well and had a good week. Nathan stopped by on his way home from work on Friday to pick up some material from Morgan that had been scrapped at his job.

Kayty enjoyed church Sunday and attended a dinner group on Sunday night. Her work week was pretty harrowing. She even was written up for being 1 minute late and four minutes late over the past few weeks. (Two times late...those few minutes...and it was often because they wouldn't let her in when she knocked). She is looking for a new job, and also initiated signing up for Obamacare.

Total saves this week:  major -     minor - 1

The Nathan Rice Family
We are so loving the chance we have had to visit with this family! They stopped in Sunday night, and Jessica and Annalee spent the whole day with cousins...Nathan even got to get some pizza we made. 

Nathan came by with Annalee on Tuesday to install a part in their car he had waited forever to arrive. Ann and I went swimming and played. Jessica had tons of homework, so she stayed home.

Unfortunately, the long time of good health ended and Annalee work up with a fever on Friday morning and struggled with it through the weekend. Nathan did come by for a few hours and did some machine work on a new design he is trying out. Anna went to the doctor and was encouraged to get allergy meds as well.

They also got bad news that the people subletting their apartment have been less than truthful with them, and flooded their apartment and it may have leaked below to the lower apartment. It is very difficult to solve these issues so many miles away.

Dad's Monday was busier than busy and he ended up working later in the evening. He had long hours Tuesday as well. He had 2 SUEX visits to make on Wednesday, as well as a very long day. Thursday, he worked his tail off to get all the info needed for his SUEX meeting, and was really chewed out for others not getting him the information and also for abbreviations. Now, mind you, I do understand the acronyms that are abundant and confusing, but these are simple ones that are common knowledge. He was pretty bummed. Friday was a lot calmer and he did well and started on his SUEX reports for next week.

My work week included the typical laundry, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets, plus I cleaned the washing machine tub and filter, packed away the baby swing and playground toys (due to 110+ heat on the way) raked pine needles, hauled wood, and hand scrubbed most of the floor.

Dad's Garden
Tomatoes are winding down. I made three quarts of salsa on Sunday after church. This was one of the last BLT's for the year
I made tons of salsa and picked and picked tomatoes. I grabbed the last batch Saturday, again to prepare for the molten heat...I also picked some grapes and dad got the rest of the citrus.

Tomato Total for 2017: 1574!!

Year of the House Part 2
Dad found the perfect mirror for the bathroom from a former ward member and we picked it up for $25. It will look awesome!

Didn't do anything else other than correspond with Jessica so her dad can assist in getting us the piece of stone for the countertop. 

Other highlights
The early weeknights and early mornings were beautiful!!70's and cool as I jogged made it pure heaven!!

Loved having a pool full of family! Sure did miss the ones that couldn't be here!

Not so highlights
I was stacking wood dad had cut (from a neighbor's broken mesquite limb) and noticed that smoke was coming from the pizza oven flue. I thought it odd...but looked inside and it seemed fine. Dad went out a couple of hours later and the wood stored under the pizza oven was ablaze. It took dad and I quite a long time to get the fire out...but not before the insulated layer of the oven was ruined. Now, the pizza oven will work, we just won't be able to use the heat the next day.
After the fire was out, this was what it looked like

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