Sunday, June 25, 2017

Week of June 18 - 24, 2017


Sunday was a good day. Sacrament meeting was good, even with the fire alarm interruption. Classes went well, and Dee got to teach his lesson, albeit only 10 minutes of it, but he was able to share the most important points.

I completed my visiting teaching on Monday.

Dad attended a session at the temple while I was at pack meeting on Tuesday. It ended up being the session where a young man, Jordan Sheppard, going on a mission in a couple of weeks, was receiving his Endowment.

I was concerned about Pack was hot and the plans involved little fish, but it went off great and was a fun night!
These guys all received their Bobcat Award. Our den is growing!
And we raced goldfish in raingutters...

My visiting teachers came on Friday afternoon.

I am in 3 Nephi 12 in the Book of Mormon and I have started reading the July Ensign Magazine. I highly recommend the article by David A Bednar on Zion's Camp.

I have indexed 19025 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Allison came home from work Tuesday and found this...
 Not sure why he was in her dress but he sure is a cutie!!

The Ethan Rice Family
Cameo has been enjoying her dad's visit. They don't tell many when Wade is away, so it had been pretty quiet. We texted back and forth on Tuesday while she was waiting for an annual physical. She didn't miss our 119 degrees one bit! They are loving 70s and rain!

They spent some time at the Emerald Coast of Florida and saw the Gulf of Mexico
Wade is getting quite skilled at climbing from sitting to standing and is very pleased with his new skills!!
Wade is getting to be quite an explorer...
I loved hearing Kaylee commenting in the background of a video they sent us..."He's so cute" and on and on. She loves this little brother of hers.
The Doran Rice Family
Amber's employer had a weekend family campout for Father's Day. It was planned to be a lower Black River, but a forest fire prevented them entering, so then ended up driving further to Hawley Lake and had a great...and very cool...time!
Doran had Friday off and helped with Kelsie and around the house during the day.

The Morgan Rice Family
Morgan is working and likes his job...and his Friday mornings to fish!

This one was caught on Saturday morning.

Kayty is probably going to return to CVS in July, so more applications, paperwork, and a drug test were needed. On top of this, her current job seems to be trying to get rid of her and replace her with someone who they can pay less per hour. The write up last week for the few minutes late were the first indication. She signed up for Government health insurance and needed proof of employment, and from that time on, her employer kept telling her they were going to make a deal with a doctor for some sort of co-op situation. They seem to follow the law and have fewer employees that required to offer health insurance, so I am not sure what bothered them. Anyway, Kayty is making her insulin last until her insurance is set.

Total save this week: 2 minor

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan had a good work week.

This was Jessica's final week of internship and she was struggling with Anna being sick and becoming ill herself. She was finally able to work on Thursday, and her mom brought Annalee over her to play all day.

 She swam and helped Kayty make some sweet treat on Friday evening while Nate and Jessica had some dinner our.

Nathan spent the day machining a project in the ultra hot garage. It was 112 outdoors while he was working.

Dad had to start his SPD, which is his bi-annual evaluation of his work. This takes days if the only responsibility, and even longer with regular workload on top. He had a supplier evaluation visit in Tuesday, a day full of meetings on Wednesday, his regular SUEX report meeting on Thursday,and many meetings on Friday. He spent off time reading and keeping the hens cool and happy...or happier anyway. Hens are never really happy.

I did my typical laundry, dust, mop, vacuum, scrub toilets, sinks, mirros, haul trash, plus I scrubbed the floor twice, cleaned out the microwave oven (Wilkins kids, the good thing about no microwave oven is that it doesn't need to be cleaned. I keep a pretty good watch on ours and wipe up any spills, but I can open the door to use it and it will look as though something awful has exploded! Your mom is very good to you for relieving you of that not very fun duty), made new pork rub, and prepared two pork roasts for dad to put in the smoker on Tuesday. It was hard to do much outdoors with the very high heat except for working to keep things alive. 

Dad's Garden
With record heat this week, we gave plants and trees extra water and covered the pepper plants with shade cloth. I picked a few more tomatoes before the 118...that killed the rest off. And when dad tore out the plants and pulled up the plastic, he discovered that the emitters on the water lines had become clogged, perhaps in early May, and thus why the plants just seemed to give out. They are under plastic so it's hard to discern...but they were getting no water. I am voting for soaker hoses in the future, even though the heat dries them out.

Grapes look good out near the chickens. I think the ones on the gazebo were few and bird eaten before we got them. I think I tasted a few and they werent that good. We are going to have to decide, since there are no picnics with Grammy out there any more if we are going to just find another vine to grow on there.

Dad harvested the rest of the garlic

Year of the House Part 2
Nothing done this week.

Other highlights
Father's Day:
Father's Day was good for Dad, and included visits from Nathan and Jess and Annalee, texts, cards, his favorite breakfast

Clam Chowder for dinner

and wonderful gifts from Doran, Ethan, and Morgan,

and Morgan and Christy came over and brought him a homemade pie and these tie tacks

Instead of pie at church, they gave everyone brownies, but dad was able to eat some vanilla ice cream.

Dad made some awesome ribs Saturday night...

Not so highlights
Temperature when I woke up at 3:30 Tuesday morning: 92 degrees. This is our hot time of year and we had temps ranging from 116 on Monday to 118 Tuesday. Plus, we were awakened near midnight that night by the sound of silence. Power went out in our neighborhood for almost an hour. No fans. It came back on right before 1 am so Kayty and I went to bed again then. It's an odd thing...after you have shopped in 116 degrees, jogged in 92 and endured 118, anything less than that seems anyway.

Dad has been concerned about our air conditioning and it's operation for days, and on Saturday, he discovered it was not operating at full capacity. We purchased a new a/c system in July 2009 thinking that it would last forever, since the first one lasted 25 years. However, we have had troubles all along with Alaskan Air that installed it, messed it up, changed parts, etc. and wanted us to pay nearly $1000 just to extend a service agreement. After lots of phone calls, we talked to Apryl Clement, who shared much pressure at all, and I know without a doubt they are impeccably honest. We decided instead of "kicking the can down the road", we would use saved money and purchase a new Trane unit, hoping it will last us years. $6000 is a ton, especially in a year we have had to replace numerous appliances, but I am thankful we are very careful in our spending and have money set aside to allow for this. Ken Clement will be here Monday to verify the situation, and a new system may be installed by Tuesday. I hope THIS is the last one we will need to purchase, and we are praying ours will continue to operate until Ken can come.

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